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hi pallavi Will you be my gf?Serious. Ar...
Do you have a PM story?
Share the most ridiculous PM's you would have got here.,..
Ab aap poochoge ki yah idea aaya kahan se, toh baat yeh hai ki Mujhe aaya ek PM aaj subah.... Rohit se salaah karne ke baad iss thread ka janm hua [smiley] :
A few pointers:
The thread is just for fun...
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So I am getting PMs like these.

"I've got a low score.
X - abc
XII - abc
Grad - abc

What's my chances in IIM, FMS, XLRI etc etc bschools?"

My general question is 'Have you appeared in any of the MBA exams yet?'

And the answer is 'No.'

And these are happening after telling the same person time and again in the sb that chances depend majorly and mostly on MBA exams. :|

What am I supposed to say these guys. :|
On a road less travelled, you'll find what you've been looking for. Yourself.
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    Just report these PMs. These members will be taken care of, permanently.
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    why do i get such PMs
    Greetings dear,
    My name is jenny i will like to have a good love
    relationship with you please write me back through my private
    e mail address (asgd363@yahoo.com) let
    me send you my pictures Yours Mass
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    The other day, I got this PM:
    Friend, bro, sir(watever)
    I just read your interview and by the time i finished it, i had tears flowing in my eyes. I have very rarely felt like this before and 1 thing that had a gr8 impact on me was ur reply to this question.
    This person is talking abou...
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    I guess. :P
    well, hope so
    I got the same pm and spoke to him in great detail.I did spell out a few options he had and he did seem satisfied. So, it's fine now I guess. :D
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    sir, check this out. I got the same PM some 15days back.
    "Extremely sorry to disturb you like this
    I know my condition is like really weird if you compare with the others.
    I was a student of Engineering in Mumbai University, I couldn't attend college for the past three years due to...
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    yes but it doesn't offer honors degree in physics. and don't worry we always here to help you. :)
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    Hey thanks a lot for your help..I am so happy that Pagalguy is the right place for shooting career queries..and I am glad people here help so much :)
    @ank_mission_IIM hey, I checked out the website...St Xaviers does offer B.sc Physics :)...
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    this may help:http://www.xaviers.edu/main/courses-a-admissions/admission-policy.htmlhttp://www.mu.ac.in/science/physics/courses.htmlBut as per my research, St. Xaviers Mumbai doesn't offer BSc (Physics Hons.).
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    Not exactly a story but then I am posting the pm here so that the user gets some guidance..
    PM :
    "HiI know my condition is like really weird if you compare with the others.I was a student of Engineering in Mumbai University, I couldn't attend college for the past three years due to epilep...
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    i dont know about that. U have to ask this to all other girls on PG :p
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    I'm sure you aren't the first one to get a marriage proposal on PG, or are you? :mg:
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    @Omkarp This was one of the funniest n strangest PM ever .
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    I'm sure women usually face this issue on any networking site. :P
    I have a few PMs to share, lekin I think everyone stalks everyone and I don't want the concerned person to find out he/she looked like an ass when they next decide to stalk.
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    Well 2months back i got PM from a user who has been active on PO Thread. Initially it was all general talk related to exams, job profile, studies. Everything was going good as we were helping each in preparation.
    And one day he PMed me his entire bio-data stating 1) qualification details2) Ev...
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    @visionIIM-ACL Thanks buddy.. I was afraid to click on that cross as I thought it would delete the 'PRECIOUS' love letter to me.. :P
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    Right hand side top of PM , will see a cross symbol in line of user name ... click on it and report! :)
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    @raghav507 Couldn't figure out a way to report the PM as spam.. help.. :P
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