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Surprisingly I couldn't find a running thread on photography on PG.
I am sure there are loads of shutterbugs on PG. [smiley]
Lets discuss all the subtleties and nuances of photography here.
Which camera to buy, which places and themes to hunt. Works to famous photographers, any worksho...
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B I U Post
Something everyone here should watch. A guy from IIM who left his job to pursue the art of photography. What is his ideology behind getting such beautiful pictures..
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@mahalgoldn It is nt 35K, make some good research. Don't look at the offical website prizes. And you also buy 2nd hand cam. Lots of guy keep updating their cameras, So if anyone from your city or nearby town is selling it you can sure check it and buy it after physically checking it.
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@drkunjan Lovely work Doc :thumbsup:
Name: Dr Kunjan
Location: Ahmedabad
What type of Photography you love? Candid, portraits people
Why? I love expressions, and when you have a cute charming face in front of you giving such a mesmerizing smile, It is the best thing to click. That's why I choose wedding photography as my pr...
Name: Abhilash Kar
Location: Kolkata
What type of Photography you love? Street, of late Wildlife
Why? Probably the best way to start photography is heading to the streets, love the emotions and stories that the Indian streets have to offer, of late I am being inclined to...
35k hai price??SLR?? abhi cant spend 35k
True ! I use a Nikon too
As I was going through this thread, I saw most of the discussion related to gadgets and I just compared us with writers. Do they guys discuss which pen or laptop is best to write? Obviously no... then why we all are wasting our time on discussing which camera is better??
I know everyone want t...
@Abhilash09 Nope I use Nikon, but they are not paying me for their advertizement, so I give right advice
You use a Canon it seems :mg:
@mahalgoldn save some more and buy Canon 550D ( 30K with lens )
By good camera I assume it's a dslr. then within ur budget I guess only the entry levels of Canon and Nikon would fit in. a D3100 may be or it's Canon counterpart for that matter.Considering the facvt you liove photography , I would suggest you continue shooting with your current gear and then ...
budget--15k -25kplease suggest some good cameras...i love photography @Abhilash09 @drkunjan any suggestions are welcome :)
@Abhilash09 buying it in 2-3 months!! At the top of the list since long time....
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that 70-200 2.8 would cost a fortune but still holds a place in my ' camera gears to buy' list :)
@rutabhatt you can go for 70-300 or 55-200, 70-300 comes in 2 variety. one is with ED coating which gives you nice sharpness, but lens costs you 28K.
another without ED coating is just 6K.
FYI: Best portrait lens in industry is 70-200 2.8....
@guravus you can also try some third party TTL flashes, but Nikon flashes are best according to me, SB700 is a little over your budget but a best thing for its prize.
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Please do. And, if you can physically check them out. Ensure "made in Japan" tag. Minor difference is image quality though.
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Will research on this.
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Try the canon ixus 80+ series. Tried and tested. Serves well for amatuer photography sessions. Battery lasts about 300+ shots.
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