The official fantasy of football for the premier league 2011/12 Chit-Chat

hi all,
As the new season is approaching(13th august) and all u fans of football now can make your fantasy team,all u need is to create your team by regiastering at the below given link
Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League
league crea...
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Created my team
Playing it for the first time and was pretty confused too
Anyways somehow managed to make a team with my preferences
P.S. why cant see each others team like the cricket one
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Will make my team in about a week or so, and start playing. Have been addicted to this game since 2006-2007 season . If i am not wrong, there was a PG league last year as well. Don't have the code for the league this year though
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4 puys already on board . More ll join in soon
DAMN !!!!!!!
Website restricted in our office. : ( : (
Don't have a PC/Laptop @ room.
Great work buddy . Joined the league . Looking forward to great fun . More ppl should join soon
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