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hi all,
As the new season is approaching(13th august) and all u fans of football now can make your fantasy team,all u need is to create your team by regiastering at the below given link
Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League
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the best day in fpl yesterday with 61 points,brace from my captain rooney,hoping to have some wins in the belt as there are few easy games in between and hope to be out of the bottom half soon.
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Jumped 2 spots to reach 7th spot in H2H league ! Thanks to RVP and Yakubu's performance
After a crap start in Classic league , jumped 6 spots to reach 31st spot !! Things going well . Hoping for a top 10 finish in both Wont be bad for the first time :):)
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Up to 2nd spot in H2H but 6 points behind FC Messy who is on a roll :sneaky:
Up to 4th spot in classic but few team looking very good and all the teams with more or less same compositions. So those 2-3 underdogs will be key in next few weeks
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The week has been extremely good in the league till now !! A Chelsea win finally .
In FPL , got in Yakubu for this week !! 18 points for his 4 goals . RVP , the captain earned me 24 Turning out to be a nice weekend :):)
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A decent weekend in terms of points !!!
Into the top 10 of H2H for the first time after a crap start to the season . 9th currently. Slowly moving up in the classic league as well !!! 40th to 37th this weekend . Way to go
Is there a classic league created for Uefa Champions League Fantasy Football?
16+bonus of Klasnic from Bench
5 of Taylor from Bench
8+bonus of Vorm from Bench
Kill me
My bench strength will give complex to Mancini
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You better not
For me it's 6th win and 5th spot in H2H. Good thing is that my league points in H2H is better than many so I have point difference advantages over many.
VDV has been doing great for me. I included in after Game week six and he has been scoring in every matches . Also his pri...
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Got a clean chit from reina,jones and enrique that was good!
p.s-my 1000th post
some people call is as CLEAN SHEET but i guess you are right
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A brace from bale and a goal from van der vart were my saviour this week as i also used my wildcard in gw 10and for gw 11 i'm trying to bring van persie for gerrard and would sacrifice one of forwards will cost me 4 points for next week but worth a gamble!!
59 points not bad for this week!!
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wasn't that active for the last couple of months joined the league and i will be in the top 10 straight away........expect tough competition mates
captain charisma RVP does it for my team yet again
I used my wild card. I removed Petrov, Evra, Terry and 5 other players.
And Petrov got one goal and one assist.
Terry got a goal.
Evra got an assist.
And I got Graham in, and he scored an own goal. And he's a striker, not a defender.
But, I have 52 points, and am o...
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Should have Van der Vaath , my Captain....:-(:-(:-(
n I had Dzeko for 4 weeks before this and removed him just last week...and he scored 2 Goals
Not going well right at the moment :-(:-(:-(
Yeah...All the Best for the next GW's !
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Oh to aap ho Strategist !!! Nice team u have got there . If it wasnt for the extra transfers , u would have won easily !!! All the best for the coming weeks bhai
back upto 7th in the head to head league , made some drastic changes , so lost 2 weeks in a row
n I'm the Unlucky "Strategist"....hehhehhe !
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Managed to win a close match against Strategist . 40-44 . Moved up from 19th to 15th position in H2H league . Bad condition in classic league though . On 42nd position . Managed to climb 2 spots up this weekend !!!
8 wins out of 8, in head-to-head league!! 6 points clear at the top of the table
Although it's a long way to go, but good to have an early lead. I know, I will screw up later
Next up against Xinthinx FC.
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So Man Utd's god like form is over Congrats for Gerrard . Kompany was in my team and he managed to get one back in the net . Rooney didnt start . Gonna hit a lot of FPL teams badly . No Aguero as well :-(:-(
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