The official fantasy of football for the premier league 2011/12 Chit-Chat

hi all,
As the new season is approaching(13th august) and all u fans of football now can make your fantasy team,all u need is to create your team by regiastering at the below given link
Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the Barclays Premier League
league crea...
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Finally the season is over , good experience playing for the first time ..

Looking forward to playing in the next season in August :cheers:
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    Finally checked it. I lost the H2H league even after having same points as Duranto Durgapur XI
    Also finished 8th in the other one. Duh! There's always a next season :D
    Itna sannata kyun hai bhai Logged in after a long time . League mein to lag gayi . Seriously . Substitutions karna hi bhool gaya CL , FA cup and mid week matches ruined everything :nono::nono: Bahut neeche aa gaye . 19th in H2H , 29th in league
    Wasted the wild card...by the time I realized that I still have one left, the period to use it was over. :banghead:
    Screwed the entire last month. Forgot to do changes at time and when I did, the player I removed scored more points.
    Dropped so many points and now I am on par with the Monk ...
    My strategy is to use the wildcard on the last week i.e 4th feb because until then you wont be able to use the players like ba,yaya toure...
    So keeping your wildcard until that is a good option I think...
    Won't change much.Either I'll have a floating third forward alongside Ade and RVP till Ba returns or will go with 3 first choice forwards along with 3 mid fielders and 2 cheaper choices.
    Planning to activate it on next weekend. Yet undecided ...
    Guys wen u r using ur wildcard..n wat wud b ur strategy..
    Frm last some week i keep some players sit outside n dont tk them in final 11..n they play nicely..kya yaar...
    Iss baar..simpson frm newcastle and terry..these wer the two..
    And my caption doesnt play nice in any game..:-(..
    Dint notice those 2 matches for some players n loosing valuable...
    I watched the match btw ManU n newcastle..
    It ws really awesome performance by newcastle..
    Their possesion ws 55% n ManU-45%...
    Final score 3-0...
    Actually it ws 2-0..
    Bt i think jones dint like that score so he makes an own goal n hence the score in 3-0 in 90th min..lol..cudnt sto...
    Back home to realize there are matches tonight. Screwed up, made no changes. :banghead:
    Will be 2nd consecutive loss and 3rd in the season. Am screwing up like city. :\
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    Can give me the link were i can watch live streamin of fifa matches...?
    sorry you can't join h2h now,as it has started from gw2 so you have to wait for next season,but you can join some random h2h leagues in fpl though.
    guys i hv joined the pagalguy league..bt m nt able to join that head to head..is it that i cant join in btw the tournament..??..
    i joined fpl frm GW 10..!!!..
    Won the cup match did have a pathetic gw,didn't think i would win it though,bale the saviour though had adam as captain,just waiting for jan wildcard and the cup is the only thing i can aim for :-),will not make the mistakes i had made again.
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    In my opinion draft out VDV. Get Nani in. Sub Drenthe and Samba for Walters and Larsson.
    Persie for captain. Wolves home game and he's expected to score maybe twice on his hot streak. !
    Mine is against a tough guy too...
    Fantasy Premier League - The official fantasy football game of the ...
    This is about cup which is held between two fantasy team in the league...
    The one who scores more moves to the next round...
    This cup begins from game week 18..
    You can see you competitor just about the total transfers you have done...
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    what does this mean , kindly throw some light
    This is my competitor for first Cup match
    Had a poor game week 17.
    Richards taken off after 58 minutes
    Al Hasbi on bench.
    No one from United
    Haha...have no clue how I end up winning. ragz fc had Adam and Suarez(C). And as I was watching the game, I though this time I'll lose as Suarez scored off Adam's cross. But don't know why I kept Vorm, and he ended up saving a penalty :wOOt:
    Epic gamble, payed off well!
    And jab tak Arsenal ...
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    Second place in H2H, behind the invincible Messy
    But top of the summit in classic league. May be for a brief moment. Ramires scores more than 3 and I am out of first place.
    Referee along with assistant referee too away some 9-10 points(the goal disallowed of Adebayor was assisted by VDV+bo...
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