ICICI Bank Probationary Officers Recruitment - November 2013 and February 2014 Batch Chit-Chat

ICICI is recruiting young graduates for the sikkim manipal programme. Last date to apply is july 31, 2013. Discuss your queries here
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AswiniElumalai tell me about yourself,why ICICI.R u willing to relocate. 13 Mar.
vivek2160 Bus itna hi. 13 Mar.
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Hii guys..finally done with the GD and PI..our topic was technology changing the face of education..it seemed to be a comfortable ride as of yet..!! will wait for the results..cheers
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abhi_0004 actually 1st year hard work karke first impression laliye.... 03 Dec '13.
Mayukhbhattacharya achha bhai ek baat baata..home town mein kisiko milta hai.... 03 Dec '13.
hi everyone..Done wid gd ..topic is FDI Retail in India.Is it boon or bane?From our batch 8 members got selected out of 10.Moving to my interview...1)tell me about urself ..2) family background ..3)education..4)about icici..5) relocation any where in india?..5)y selected banking?..6)ready to do i...
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rams..... they will send us a mail if we r selected. 25 Nov '13.
AaDiitya @Mayukhbhattacharya hii..hmm at my centr in delhi there .... 03 Dec '13.
hello people...!!!
I hav done with GD/PI session of ICICI bank...!!
Can ny1 tell wen is d MERIT LIST for feb2014 batch outs...!!!
ashokashu hiiiiii if u got result ping here . 25 Nov '13.
ank1991 results r announced after 1 month....!!!. 25 Nov '13.
hey frndsis the gd pi process for icici po cancelled in visakhapatnam on 22 nov 2013 ??plzz reply
ppuloma hey @d.viswatej did u contact the icici people when wi.... 23 Nov '13.
d.viswatej i didnt contact them . 24 Nov '13.
plz help is it necessary to bring original mark sheets and certificates in GD and PI as my original mark skeets and certificate of graduation not issued and i have lost my provisional certificates too........kya wo log mje gd pi k liye appear hone denge .............
I'm worried........
vars nopes they are asking for provisional certificates too.. .... 22 Nov '13.
ishikmr thanks guys...... i thought they will not let me appear a.... 22 Nov '13.
Hi guys, I hav done with my GD and PI today for feb'13 batch.
My exp-@ GD Initially I was shocked when I saw that they were selecting only 3 from 10 and 5 from 10 in many batches so I went in their with confidence and again they had selected only 5 from our batch whereas everyone has spok...
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Kunwar007 yaar abhi_004 plz yaar aur jo 3 topic h us par bhi stron.... 27 Nov '13.
abhi_0004 @Kunwar007 social networking in our lives- A decade ago, .... 27 Nov '13.
any1 from kolkata has gdpi on 23rd nov?
jessdoit i have too.. . 22 Nov '13.
Mayukhbhattacharya @jessdoit tell me yaar where is guru sadaya road..im un.... 22 Nov '13.
i have applied for icici bank po for feb-aug'14 batch...i want to know can i have to fill the whole profile..like after logging in...????
From today Onwards the ICICI GDΠ are starting so people who had completed their GDΠ please share your experiences only not your game plan to crack interview so please share so that people who are having last might get some pressure off............
abhi_0004 Hi guys, I hav done with my GD and PI today at Hyderabad..... 21 Nov '13.
Anyone whose reporting time for gd is after 12:00 pm on 28/11/13 in delhi chattarpur????
Kunwar007 ya its me.............................. 27 Nov '13.
Kunwar007 ma mail id iz ankitthakur511@gmail.com. 27 Nov '13.
how shud i apply again for ICICI may -aug 2014 batch..??? as it says that duplicate record found on filling the application form...
likhitha89 change the data in any one of the field.. like give a dif.... 18 Nov '13.
Puys with GD/PI scheduled in Delhi (Chattarpur Area) morning slot: 10:30 am, comment here please.
maha_csse Hi Ankit i too got the same venue i.e. EMPI B-School and .... 18 Nov '13.
My date of birth is 25/04/89 can i give exam next year in feb??????
amandeep34 Yaa. 18 Nov '13.
My gd pi date and my semester exam is on the same date in delhi 28/11/13. Is there any way to shift the gd pi date on 27/11/13 ???????????????????. please help..........
ank1991 1 tell me abt ur family background.... 2 y bank after bei.... 20 Nov '13.
Pujita12 thanq @ank1991 . 20 Nov '13.
ne one has gd/pi at andheri, mumbai
Can any1 tell me few points on Generalization or Specialization?
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  • abhi_0004

    c generalization is a concept of all characteristics of a domain whereas specialization is a concept of specific characteristics of a domain

    if u think in a wide perspective you may find the era of specialization in every discipline. for example in education field, in career field, medical fields and etc

    so it is an established way for ex: in maklng a career- if u choose a specialization career, develop it further then u can becom an expert in that field which derive ur personal and career satisfaction

    even the education has distinguished into many fields where a decade ago we had 3 to 4 disciplines to study and now every field has the derivates like Computer scice has a specialized way of IT and etc. So i belive that specialization is the establish way.


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    Any updates sad sad ....
    anyone from chennai who is going to attend icici po interview on 21
    hi friends i attended icici sep-2013 gd and pi held at HYD but i'm failed that my name is not their in the merit list but yesterday i got mail that regarding certificate verification what is all that pls help me
    bhanuteja15 any news guys ?????. 18 Nov '13.
    harji no not yet .. tried to call them sent mails but no news yet. 18 Nov '13.
    Is it compulsory to get the mark sheets attested by Gazetted officer ? anyone here who attended the previous gd/pi without attested mark sheets ?
    harji ankit ... its not for u guys .... 17 Nov '13.
    amandeep34 Orignal marksheets le jani hai kya? Gd pi mai. 18 Nov '13.