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Friends, Romans, countrymen [smiley] ..
As we all know that legendary Football Club thread is closed because it had more than 13K post :cheerio:(thats a PG record as far as I know) and might have caused some server issues therefore this is gonna be our new hangout(for next few years)
Hope ...
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DEEPAKTAMAK @coolbryan_love Hi Are you the guy..who asked us (on IIT-.... 12 May '13.
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n CR7 it is after a long time!!!!!!
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wite.nite \m/ CR7 . 14 Jan.
wite.nite he is a beast man ... did any one see Romelu Lukaku's ins.... 14 Jan.
While Ronaldo, Ribery and Messi are waiting for the Ballon d'Or results, we all are waiting for the CAT results!
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Stewie_Griffin The website says 9 am.. 13 Jan.
skks wo nai jeete to bhi kamaenge...agar hum haar gae CAT me t.... 13 Jan.
Who will win the Ballon d'Or? Who will end Messi's streak, will it be CR7 or Ribery?
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Atletico Madrid 0 - 0 FC Barcelona
What a match! Fiercely fought, high quality, high voltage football!!
Loved it.
P.S.: Would have preferred a Barca victory, though.
Sherjil both teams fought fire with fire and none deserved to los.... 13 Jan.
venkatsinghal I agree. Absolutely fair result. :thumbsup: . 13 Jan.
Check out awesome skills by a 12 years old.
Little Messi or Christiano Ronaldo !!! YouTube
It's Stoke vs. Liverpool tonight!!
I expect 1-3 to Liverpool.
Chillmba I expect Liverpool to keep a clean sheet. :) . 12 Jan.
Finally...something to cheer about What a relief!!
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davidwatson1212 Rooney coming back against chelsea... RVP out for six wee.... 12 Jan.
Chillmba It was a good game. Kagawa was scintillating at times. :D . 12 Jan.
U2 - One World Cup 2006 Video [HD - High Quality] YouTube
As the year draws to a close, I wish you all a Happy New Year. This group offered some much needed respite. :P
So, how about writing down the low and high points of your club or for any club for that matter. :D
For my beloved LFC - The low point was the Suarez bite , in my opinion. The h...
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rohit_9892 ladte raho... maja aa raha hai... :mg: . 09 Jan.
Simon-Ghost-Riley @davidwatson1212 agree with ya..one season wonder club's.... 09 Jan.
Score update...
Liverpool 1 - 1 Chelsea (32')
first_timer 3 points for the Blues \m/. 30 Dec '13.
Sherjil Chelsea rewarded for playing intense and attacking footba.... 30 Dec '13.
Promising stuff !
Liverpool deserved to win last night !! that offside decision hahaha ! some thing is wrong with the linesmen at etihad ! same thing happened for us (arsenal) ..Liverpool created many chances! but couldnt convert some !! Good match to watch for neutrals !!
Sherjil the scoreline still reads MANC 2 - 1 Liverpool (FT). 27 Dec '13.
jaffa everything matters in a big game :D . 27 Dec '13.
Two B2B cracker jack of the matches in EPL, now waiting for match of the day...
Who all are up for predictions not just for scores but also for table movement.
In my opinion - the biggest game of matchday will be a draw with a goal scoring extravaganza, even though I want to say Liverpool will win this game , but it wwill be really close.
Elsewhere, Arsenal are expect...
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Chillmba @Sherjil Thoda saa paas karde bhai. Bahut bhookh lagi ha.... 26 Dec '13.
conquerer1 Then it is ok. Perception does not owe its existence to l.... 26 Dec '13.
A SERIOUS REQUEST TO MANC.....HAVE SOME MERCY ATLEAST ON THE EVE OF CHRISTMAS...... ..gifts r ready for each & every liverpool players at the ethihad...... .. @Chillmba @skks @Sherjil @harshroy @Budokai001 @busar005 .....
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Sherjil @Chillmba easy man..it's not over yet. 27 Dec '13.
Chillmba @Sherjil I know. Couldn't help myself. . 27 Dec '13.
Hi people..
Brace yourself for sporting extravaganza on Boxing Day...
1. The Ashes
2. Ind v SA
3. Liverpool v ManC & other EPL matches
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Sherjil @Chillmba Bhai i am a purist, to me the preferences are .... 26 Dec '13.
Chillmba @Sherjil In that sense, I am a mercenary for good game, .... 26 Dec '13.
How Badly Do You Want To Be A Footballer YouTube
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rohit_9892 Bahut saara phokat time rehta hai yaar logo ke paas :p: . 25 Dec '13.
harshroy @rohit_9892 haha..han bhai mere! But again, its also ab.... 25 Dec '13.
The stage is being set for yet another manchester derby at wembley...hoping united can beat sunderland over 2 legs coz am damn sure city will destroy west ham in capital one cup semifinals if dey can keep up there current form...
skks dude it's UNITED vs SUNDERLANd CITY vs WEST HAM . 20 Dec '13.
ishan14 :P itna toh chalta hai btw edit kar diya. 20 Dec '13.
Made my day!
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Fidelis @harshroy : :sneaky: I have said that before, and aga.... 21 Dec '13.
harshroy @Fidelis Well, for me he is a great player..For you.. Ma.... 21 Dec '13.