Football Club -- Part Deux Chit-Chat

Friends, Romans, countrymen [smiley] ..
As we all know that legendary Football Club thread is closed because it had more than 13K post :cheerio:(thats a PG record as far as I know) and might have caused some server issues therefore this is gonna be our new hangout(for next few years)
Hope ...
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DEEPAKTAMAK @coolbryan_love Hi Are you the guy..who asked us (on IIT-.... 12 May '13.
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Rafa y u no take these teams seriously .
hope we do well in upcoming games. Busy week for Chelsea .
Come on you Blues!!KTBFFH.
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Benitez is on a mission to destroy chelsea...
How come FA cup is more imp then a top 4 finish....
My granny can manage better than him!!!!
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Benitez is on a mission to destroy chelsea...
My Granny can manage better than Him...
Hopefully will beat those untouchables next season!!
@Kathiravan.J Right now there are 50,competition is intense between teams from 10-20,positions swaps weeklyguys in top 10 are untouchables
PagalGuy League
Code to join the league: 416997-115859
Code to head to head league-416997-198165
Cant seem to find it man. I got it off the forums. There's a FPL post, try and locate it
@kshitijsharma I too play fantasy premier league. But wasn't aware of pagalguy's league. Please send me the league code.
not too sure. Should be a 100 odd there
Approx. how many are there?
@Kathiravan.J PG has a public league there. Unfortunately my position on it isn't something to boast about. I missed out on some major points at the beginning of the season by not betting on Hazard, Cazorla and Michu. And when finally I made enough space to ge tthem they all dropped their gam...
I was playing Fantasy Premier League last season. This season due to tight work, missed. Next year will register definitely.I'm unaware of Pagalguy's league.
By the way, how many here play the Fantasy Premier League and are registered in the Pagalguys league?
More importantly, the race at the bottom of the table is going to heat up!
The relagation battle is going to get cut-throat in then EPL
Next week will be STORME....
the battle-lines will be drawn once again as Chelsea and Utd will meet again...
Cant wait oh la la
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lol abhi tak cold war chalu hain?
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Russia Vs USA ??
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You left out: England v Ireland Germany v Turkey Croatia vs Serbia Russia v Almost every other nation
Most of them looks like India-Pakistan in Hockey
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There are few enduring international rivalries though. But some of them fueled by political reasons.
England vs Argentina
Argentina vs Brazil
England vs France
Spain vs Portugal
Germany vs Poland
Serbia/Montenegro vs Russia
USA vs Mexico
Saudi Arabia vs Iraq
Iraq vs Ir...