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Hi ...
This thread is for all those who have a deep love for Dogs and are trainers themselves / interested in dog training,involve themselves actively (or passively) in pet adoption /relocation .
Post your experiences, ambitions on the same !!
About me :
i am an avid pet lover !! My...
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Thanks mate..ya things are better now
{We are what we repeatedly do. Excellence, therefore, is not an act but a habit.}
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    @[563226:mbajamesbond] as expected .... don't worry ,everything should be fine ..
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    Me and my friend were sitting on bed and my dog was sleeping on the floor...When my friend kept his leg mistakenly on my dog ..he just got aggresive...He was sleeping then..
    Ya have given injection to my do already....it has been 10 days since the incident occured ...so ...
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    mbajamesbond really bad that your dog is not vaccinated ...pls do it immediately....
    Just for information : There is no way you can say your dog doesn't have rabies just by looking at it ,unless you have tested its saliva ,blood samples in a lab...Rabies has a variable incubation period in an...
    My dog was not on any vaccination....But he dosent have rabbies.....The bite was deep very deep.....ya he has started taking injections...He have to take 5...BAD
    Hope your dog was on vaccination Nevertheless , ask Ur friend to take injections... Wish it were a play bite
    My dog has bitten my friend....now he has to take injections....
    We are also thinking of having a dog as pet. Which dog are good for indoors and normally what is the cost of maintaining a dog per month ( medical+food etc etc )
    Lot of Info regarding various adoption activities / awareness programs are available @
    The Hindu : Chennai Petpals News...
    "Do not Buy Pets. Adopt them "
    The following link is to create awareness about the inhumane treatment of dogs used for breeding in puppy mills. This is not to genera...
    this is the way it should happen....
    Found a lot of face book groups - dedicated to pets adoption ,care etc...
    Seems like of late there has been a lot of awareness spreading among people to care for strays....
    Don't buy breeded ones for aparts - because they need a lot of exercise and they shed a lot !!
    My suggestion would be to take an Indian breed - they are ideal for our temperature , and they are very obedient !!
    If fed as breeds ,they will also appear the same - chubby and bubbly :biggrin:...
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    Hey evry1 glad to find an thread just for dog lover
    I have been a dog lover from childhood but neva had the opportunity to have one
    Finally now i'm planning to buy one...not sure which breed to buy? Kindly suggest
    Basic requirement: friendly, easy to train and can be kept in an apartment!!
    agreed possibly thats they only way they can be active and fit.....Also they will learn to take commands...:)
    Agreed that DOGs are cute and the faces they make are hard to ignore !!:grin:
    But would say that DOGs won't complain -infact the lifestyle they follow is given to them by us !!
    if your DOG throws tantrums , do not oblige ...its difficult but learn to ignore them .... That is the best thin...
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    Ya even though they are troblesome but they are our best pal.....Also for thiefs they are nightmare...
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    Well said bro..couldnt agree with you more..
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    Thats pet for you..They are meant to be pampered....and we can do anything because of there super cute face....
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    I've got a pug. Sheds like crazy.
    Wants a different meal every time, everyday.
    My mother has pampered em so much that she has to feed him herself. His bowl is a big no-no.
    But the sadface he makes, can move people even the cruelest of the cruels.
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    He is super active and can play for 2 3 hours at a strech......
    Also we give him 3 meals....He likes milk, paneer, rice and ofcourse chicken....and he does shed too.....
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