do u remember Old Chinese Kung Fu Drama Serials On indian channel "Home Tv" Chit-Chat

Hello friends
do u guys remember Old Chinese Kung Fu Drama Serials On indian channel "Home Tv"?? ( in 1996-9 [smiley]
they all were in hindi dub ...gr8 series... very popular show in india
i am a huge fan of kungfu series, Home tv...
The Zu mountain saga ( rocky, aadam khor ,Kala jad...
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wel They Would get a huge response....:biggrin: ...but donn knw why they have stopped it...:sad:
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which is also known as Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain ... it's original name
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I agree with you 100% .... They should return .....
I wonder if these transaleted hindi coopies programe are available anywhere? I mean those Sony & Home Tv Guys must have them .... they should sell them to market? they wud get good response
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Brothers under the skin original name is DON GIAP KY BINH
Strange Name but excellent serial indeed
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Getting nostalgic .. I remember quite a years bk I saw a chinese serial(dubbed in hindi)at 5pm i suppose.It started as teh story of a prince and his servant who were both in luv wid the same women.But the prince was an idiot.After some episodes the prince was sent to learn chinese warfare tricks ...
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hmm busted is the correct answr i guess...
but i donn undrstnd why does not any upmarket channel play these kind of episodes now...??
thr is a huge mrkt for these in India...i mean i still rmbr when sony tv initialy started there used to be these beautiful dubbed pgms on it every mornin and...
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My favourite of those days , the series rocked...
The zu mountain saga was awesome (its theme music too ), Brothers under the skin was a bit boring.
The blood strained intrigue was also very good.
The hunter's pray was okeish, had a good theme song.
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Home TV was started by Jain Brothers ..... I nt sure but guess that they got busted ... mean bankrupt
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Long Time Ago....
Its seems so long back that i vagulely rembr it now...but going thru the little discussion that has happeend so far...i am begining to form a vague image of me and my sister sittin infront of the telly after comig back frm my maths tuition...and having cup of tea...and seeing...
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The Blood-Stained Intrigue
This series came out in the 1986. The cast is mostly composed of supporting actors so it unfortunately got lost in the TVB's Golden '80s. Don't be fooled by the cover, this is an excellent series. Definitely a worth while series to watch. It is still one of the best ...
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I have found the link of all 64 episode .... if any1 needed it, PM me
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wel .. i have link of all 20 episodes of "Zu Mountain Saga"
if any1 needed it, PM me:tongue:
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hey wow.........so many people like these serials..it looks so good...i also simply love these serials...even these types of movies which come on star gold..even my fav. was the Zu Mountain Saga..
if anyboby has any idea from where to download its music plz msg me
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english version kabhi bana hi nahi.. toh nahi mil sakta....
lekin Home TV hindi dubbed version mil sakta hai.. lekin humein dhoond ne ki jaroorat hai... kisi ke paas toh hoga hi.....
Hey guys...
Interesting thread this 1..
just to correct u guys it used to run from 5-5:45 not 6....coz in the middle of a few of series we used to have a loadhsedding lasting exactly 45 minutes.....was that a pain...
My fav was" Zu Mountain Saga" and loved the story of "Blood Stained Int...
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waah keyur_vs great memory but tum Rocky ko kaise bhool gaye??
aur adamkhor ka dialoge "Ek baar shaitan toh har baar shaitan" :d
i have youtube links and all title track audio theme songs :)
pm me..
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my fav was ""the zu mountain saga"
watched whole 20 episode series of it twice during school days....
i remember some characters....kala jadugar, shantoban, chhote chacha, 2 girls becoming master of 2 groups....
End of story was ..... aadamkhor and her heroin falls happily frm mountain....
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I used to love those series too. Never thot i wud find company. My favourite was the one in which there was an evil monster or smth and he cud convert othrs also into evil beings. The one whose still ejay009 has put as his profile pic. Its been more than 10yrs bt I still remember its title track ...
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I did few search and it's available on Internet for download but that's in Chinese and English only ... what about Hindi version ... do any1 have any idea where I can get them
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Yeah...Remember the 6'0 clock slot....those acrobatic, flying stunts...The storylines were pretty dramatic too..not to speak of the costumes...I distictly remember those Chinese fans (the like of which we prepared as part of our craft class in school) being used as weapons by some of the ladies.....
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