do u remember Old Chinese Kung Fu Drama Serials On indian channel "Home Tv" Chit-Chat

Hello friends
do u guys remember Old Chinese Kung Fu Drama Serials On indian channel "Home Tv"?? ( in 1996-9
they all were in hindi dub ...gr8 series... very popular show in india

i am a huge fan of kungfu series, Home tv...

The Zu mountain saga ( rocky, aadam khor ,Kala jadugar, ghumati khopdi.santoman,

Brother under the skin

The blood stained intrigue (story of red and blue swords)

"Land of the Condors"

The Other Side of The Horizon (sheetal chandra vidhya, dahekti suraj vidhya)

Legend of the Condor Heroes

The Hunters Prey

do u miss them? do u want to see them?
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Flying Fox of Snowy Mountain. :)
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Does anyone know the English name of 'Himgiri Ka Veer'. I would like to watch it again..
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Ya ya, I remeber it very well..
I was in the 6th std then..Used to watch it a lot......
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Was in the 8th std then... 6 o'clock was when these used to run...full timepass.... great serials...thanks for the memories....:-)
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Wow.. ppl remember that..
There was a y revolving around red and blue swords. And remember that any person who has the red sword becomes evil. It was too good.
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Hello, mod
im new here..
i remember a serial named "The Other Side of the Horizon" which was an awesome serials along with it there were several other serials. I cannot recall the names presently but definitely most of the serials were really good.
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U have ignited old memory days.
AS far as I remember there were two series on kung fu.It was used to come on Home TV.
Absolutely action packed.
One was about young warrior.fights were order of day of every episode.Really I used to glue to TV .
Another was of some warrior girl who was ...
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@....I can see your passion for kung fu master but I think all the video links of youtube and orkut community are uncalled for and hence, edited them.
I am not closing the thread as if your case if genuine, you can continue to discuss serial further.
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I remember one of those Chinese serials. It used to be telecast on Zee TV, dubbed in Hindi. It was called 'Himgiri Ka Veer', and at that time, it was the most amazing thing I ever saw.
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