Difference between B.E and B.Tech ? Chit-Chat

Could anybody please tell what excatly is the difference between B.E and B.Tech.....I know both are simply know as engineering.....but what is the reason they both have different names???any guesses???
Enuf folks on this topic..

Don't worry.. BE/BTech Happy! :|

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I do not think there is any such difference..
My Perspective:-
University of Roorkee used to award BE. When it was converted into an IIT, the degree awarded was changed to B Tech. with no change in courseware or anything else.
If we consider a specific department, first Roorkee used to ...
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well for all sane resonz that exist... this is not the 1... there are many colleges with engg tag and still giving B.Tech in d curicullum.. the difference here in lies in a mere 1 or two subjects (out of the total 48-50 we undergo in the degree) B.tech has to have 1 technologically oriented subje...
Sounds logical and true for the colleges I thought of quickly
i guess the diff is basically dependent on the name of the college. like My college is called - College of Engineering.. so, B.E.
Whereas, JNTU is Jawaharlal nehru TECHNOLOGICAL university.. so the B.Tech..
I don't think there's much of a difference.. jus the nomenclature..
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B.E is Engineering oriented... B.Tech is Technology oriented...
B.E is closer to theory and centres on laying strong fundamentals... B.Tech is slightly upto date with day-to-day happenings, more industry interface...
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the b school was MDI
I think the logic of Anarchy's labs answer must be the correct one. Coz i did know for sure that there is a certain reason why only IIT's, IIIT's and most of the NIT's offer a BTech degree - but didnt know what it was... tot it was some AICTE policy...
hmmm well i am a BE n used to have 50% marks per sem for each theory subs n practicals.. so that basically proves ur point wrong..
uhhh well if this was a Q really asked.. me has doubts how gud a B-skool that is..
on a serious note: kdboy ^^ is right it's got nuthin 2 do with practicals n stuff..
thts why i said how does it f***in matter..??
mostly private universities or self affilated colleges like the IIT etc of...
(What is the difference between BE & B.Tech)Both are exactly equivalent, B. E. emphasize on In depth concept clarification of Facts. Whereas B.Tech. Emphasize on Practical exposure of Conceptual Knowledge. However Syllabus of both is Equal.
myself a BE
it does matter man!!!!this was the question asked to engineers in a very good b school interview
i think colleges which are a part of a national university give BE degree while those not affiliated to any univ give B tech degree
duh... lol... ROTFL..!!
saawry cudnt resist.. but how does it matter..??
the difference is we can apply to firms asking for bachelors in technology specifically n B.E cannot... lol!!
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hey it started from IIT's where the course offered were B.Tech and mostly all colleges offering courses was known as B.E....even in ahd clg like nirma we have all d practical , labs n papers u mentioned..even few govt clg like gecg , ld, ddit adopt these things...
the most appropriate is diffe...
This ones a bouncer :wow:.
Probably it has a lot to do with the balance of theory and practical(Industry training) between B.E. and B.Tech. But, doesn't matter, its still the same
i know the question is a tough one...i have already googled a lot on this but no concrete answers
wow.. dint notice that u started this thead just a day back! we are still no where close to answering your question though!
thanks guys....wasnt expecting such good response and thhat too on the first day!!!....more views are welcome!!!!