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Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here!
And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories [smiley]
But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness.
So...rock n roll!!
Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting poems on the current trend on the forum! [smiley]
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Esotericequation anyone alive here?. 12 Feb.
B I U Post
Dreams never lie,
No, they never.
Inscribed with a certain sense of realization,
They rarely outsmart us.
Without saying a word they put up a challenge,
Then it depends.
Then you are awake,
And you become the God!
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Oh the Fun That I Had!
Ive been there, and Ive done that
I danced to the soundtrack, and Ive hit dat
But theres something I saw in the dark of the night
That made my fingers a-dancing, and my pants real tight
She was beautiful and graceful, and full of aplomb
She was this months...
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School Days
My school,
as i remember,
was cool as a melon,
burnt like an ember.
Going to school,
a tedious task,
for morning is time,
to frolic and bask
Fashionably late,
as i always went,
to my image,
it dealt a dent,
........more to come
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Sorry if this looks like yet another cheap marketing strategy...But I have posted a lot of original stuff (most of it are my real-life experiences anyways...so have to be original) on my blog... Those of you interested in reading really long musings are really welcome to check out my blog : Life ...
Good to see this creatice corner on PG. So lots of new forums hav come up. I will definitely recommend this to all my lit crazy friends
Echoes of the laughter are sounding accross the hall
photoframes of memories ae playing hide and seek on the wall
whispers of silence stands still as time crawls
i look into the sky see it open and feel the first raindrop fall
How i wish that time could stop now and freeze upon this m...
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Ha ha ha
Good stuff man
cud have had a more conclusive end though..
where r the damn numbers..
Ok, sorry that my last post on this thread was a little cuckoo. I think this one will make more sense, especially to all those guys out there who are working in dead end jobs that they really loathe. This post also introduces the two characters C1 & C2 who over the years have become extensions of...
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@man_friday just personal opinion nothing serious..Creatively egoistical..
Wrote this some time ago and am still trying to understand it. Can someone help me please?
The Ceiling
- Man Friday
Bliss was sitting under the pink, blue and green ceiling. He was smiling like a parsee vulture baring teeth that glistened like an agony aunts china set.
Confusion walke...
My theory of Sleep and Hunger
- Man FridaY
I have always had trouble understanding emotions. My Mother says this is because I am an aquarian. My ex-girlfriends say it is because I am a prick.
My opinion is that no one really understands emotions ...
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Hi I have written this recently ..its mix of hindi and urdu..please give ur opinion
I have given the meanings of some of words also..
Ek lahzah1 , Aur thame nazaare 1. Glance
Ek sifarish, aur kai ishaare
Chahato ki kasht...
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Title: There are some...
Genre: Hard Metal
There are some...
There are some girls and there are some guys
And there are some eyes which never cry
There are some stories and some tales
And there are some songs which will never die
I dont know what the lines above signify
I ...
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Will this make me the most creative Puy around?
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I saw them
Only after i closed my eyes
I felt them
Only after i felt nothing
I loved them
Only after i was loved by none
And I lived them
When i and God were one..!!
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the torn pages of my diary lies scattered across the floor...
as a unknown face from my memory smiles at me from the open door
i wonder what that smile means, what does it signify...
is it just to prove, ascertain that memories never die...
i wade across to past, stare a...
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Small Pain In My Chest
by Michael Mack
The soldier boy was sitting calmly underneath that tree.
As I approached it, I could see him beckoning to me.
The battle had been long and hard and lasted through the night
And scores of figures on the ground lay still by morning's light.
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Wrote this long ago in the memory of a school friend who succumbed to Blood Cancer....
To A Friend
You were here and then you were gone,
I wanted to see you,
Tell you so many things,
How I need you in my life, How I love you so much.
I never got to say that.
I never even...
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Ye Panktiyan main apni likhi ek bahut badi kavya se pesh kar raha hun ..Poora post karta to aap so jate ...:)
Its on the romantic side of life :)
kya hua jo tuu mujhse door hai
dil ke mere paas hai tuu
yeh veeran mehfil kuchch khas nahi to kya
is tanhayee mein kuchch khas hai tuu...
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