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Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here!
And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories [smiley]
But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness.
So...rock n roll!!
Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting poems on the current trend on the forum! [smiley]
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Esotericequation anyone alive here?. 12 Feb.
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Hey Puys!!
I came across this site : FulMarxx Shorts Fest
It's the site of FulMarxx Shorts Fest - India's Largest Short film competition
I think it can be a big break for anybody interested in film making.
But talking about short movies, a good story is the most important constituent...
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Some Shayaris which I had written 5 years back;)
Tu meri na ho saki
iska mujhe gum hai magar
Vaada hai mere aankhon me aansun na ayenge
Tere hothon pe ek muskaan ho agar ~!
Log sirf chaand ki baat karte hain
Main poora aasmaan zameen par le a...
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thanks buddy... liked your poem too... :smilecol:
loved it..yes, life is all about these contradictions and so are we :)
Sometimes it is better to fight...
and sometimes it is better to just let it go...
sometimes you need light...
and sometimes, when it is dark, you don't need the glow...
Sometimes things are not going your way...
and sometimes there are no things at all...
sometimes you have you...
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I wrote this for the "About me:" section of my orkut profile..fell in love with it and posted it in my blog and am doing the same here:
from the pale blue of a sunny sky
to the thunderous Grey of a stormy night
from the green of a healthy pasture
to the brown cracked earth of barren l...
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bring it all....
walking through the corridor, to the water hole
if you can survive these days, it will be a folklore
breathing in and out, just to know you are alive
blinking in the darkness, paying a price to survive
bring it all, all the stories we beleived
bring it all, all ...
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My creative-contri
wrote this gazal loooong time back.. nw taking it straight from my blog!
Shaubey ye har aor sunsaan kyu hain
Rukh ye sare yu pareshan kyu hain
Peshtar yu na thhey sabhi khauf-jada
Apne ahbaab sey bhi ye anjaan kyu hain
Hujumey ashk mey sab kuch hai beh chalaa...
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my bit...
Smiling again
I wonder why. I smile sometimes for no reason,
I wonder why... fresh winds blows on my face?
Things appear beautifull... The same ones that made me sulk yesterday
Why is it like I've more air to breath? ..more of life to live?
Nothing has happened......
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Delete this post...
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Pulled this out of my blog :)
Pondering once before I crave for Nirvana
In certain ways I sometimes try to pull back time
Desperately vying to grip all that is around me
The moments, the truth, the space which is so aptly called life
Though she with all her magic and grandeur entic...
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Awesome stuff....keep on writing...
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Copy pasting from my blog..
Simply because, it'll always be my favourite piece out of everything I ever wrote.
Pebbles on the seashore
I've flowers blooming around me
& birds flying high in the sky,
There's so much to be happy about
but still I find myself so dry..
As the wo...
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an attempt to look at the life of a bipolar kid suffering from severe delusions of granduer, he is perhaps so lonely, its driving him to the boundaries of sanity. whats worse is that he's interested in philosophy.
he's been taking very strong drugs prescribed by some psychologist, that make h...
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Hey somname,
Good story dude!!
u anywyz kno wat a person wud think of while reading this story..
the sudden twist ws a good surprise tho!:)
Keeep writing
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Having spent close to 3 years on PG now, i see this fabulous thread NOW!!?? Shame on me.
i had written this story for a short-story writing competition in our company. It has been forwarded a lot (even to other IT comps and some ppl have even mailed back to me. Hope u puys...
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@iIsildur: u were rite! I am sure it ran d contest n was quite ahead!
probably ages since i posted here.. i don't write for fun, i don't write for pleasure.. i write when i have to write.. check out the following metaphoric rhymes..
Get rich and die
That's your life
A rat you remain
For pennies you strive
Miss the moments
What'r they wort...
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a bit of hash n scotch mixed n u get this :neutral:
one single slash
The biggest gap can be bridged with one single slash
you can feel its all over when the blade and the vein clash
i dont blame you for confusing between love and a veil
coz you were also another puppet running in t...
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Naive realism
Beneath the reality, there lies a reality,
A reality which thrives to be discovered,
"I am the one",it says quietly.
But the voice gets subdued by the loud apparent reality,
Its confusing! Its confusing even to the inner reality,
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