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Okie Junta.....Unleash your creative forces here!
And it can be anything..poems,anecdotes,short stories [smiley]
But it has to be original....no cut copy paste bizzness.
So...rock n roll!!
Ps:- As for me,I'll be posting poems on the current trend on the forum! [smiley]
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Esotericequation anyone alive here?. 12 Feb.
B I U Post
You threw a stone at the pond of my heart
And caused a number of ripples to start
But now that we are apart
I wonder what brought us together
And why that love...
Didn't grow into a work of art.
maybe its humorous...
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with a vision
she was born
eccentric was the word
she used
passion was the feeling
she had
power was the belief
she lived with
- - - -
why can't I see
'she' said, "no more do I exist,
no more can I live
no further can I breathe
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well not truly a short story..but still my first hopeless attempt at writing one...
Title- "That way"
It is a cold winter morning. Woke up early. Everything outside seems lifeless. I rub my hands to feel them and try to...
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It was autumn
the smell of the lake
the crisp leaves
the plain earth
Nature wanted him
all over
Down the lane as he
seduced by
the 'other'
in him
an inner realization!
was it?
he asked
the 'other'
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I've never known you,
Known you properly,
But still it feels as if those eyes
Those hands, those feet,
I've touched, felt,
I churn my heart,
Bite my numb hand,
I see you, in front of me,
You, beautiful you,
In all your beauty,<...
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Deleting the poem coz it was coming in the form of a paragraph....i was typing even then... will post it soon from a diff system... SORRY for the inconvenience
Emotions sure can help build a poetic version of life..i guess
but there's something else I would like to share with you all..an 'abstract version'..something more than 'emotions'..just an opinion :)
A Dream
I saw
in the
middle of nowhere
Dancing through time
Dancing through ...
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Thought in my head..does all creative writing stem from emotions,love and friendship..cause i have been doing little bit of reading/writing myself and all i could find was that emotions play a big part in you being a writer.i may be wrong but this is just what i think.
Sharing a few lines,that...
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She thought it was a joke.
It sure was.
But she had never imagined the joke would turn into the biggest truth of her life.
Time flew.
Love blossomed.
But real life could not be as mushy as the reel one.
Distance mattered
A lot
for them.
The arguments
The Silence
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Itinerary of the Pinnacle
This World is a polymorphous tableaux,
Sometimes Atrocious,othertimes sagacious;
Here each yearns for Fame and Gold,
Is it a Success,I muse with a pause.
Diving to the skeleton of breath,
From cradle to grave,coins prop life's veins;
But does it...
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I never thought thered be days like these,
Its as if Ive lost my keys.
The keys to my heart,
That thought wed never be apart.
But now here we are,
Living oh so far.
Far in distance and far in heart,
And yet I thought wed never be apart.
I wonder what went wrong,
Maybe m...
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sorry for the above post....wrong thread.
Hi Puys,
Some more one-liners............
"He who laughs last didn't get the joke."
"The number of people watching you is directly proportional to the stupidity of your action."
"When choosing between two evils, I always like to try the one I've never tried before."
"It's hard to b...
here is this peice of work i wrote for the girl i saw at metro station while going to the coll in 2007winter.by eve i wrote it.
I say how to approach her ?
I met her in a crowded place , she was beautiful.
I dint know how to approach her so as to be meaningful.
she was reading a book ...
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Baahein pakad ke rok lete tujhe,
Agar humara zor chalta.
Zingadi tumhare naam kyu karte,
Agar pyaar itna na hota.
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An Unwanted Return .....
I thought i would never be back again in to your life
Thinking that u will be happy for ever, i left the place
I thought i had given everything which would suffice
Now that, i see the happenings with you, i am back again
I thought u can life your life t...
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Here is an attempt at a short story by me. All bouquets and brickbats are welcome
They won't believe you
It was a dark lonely night. Not particularly cold. He could not put his finger on it but he felt something was wrong. There was nobody around. Maybe he was scared, but he was not one of...
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My First Poem
How can i forget ?
I remember tht, i arrived late, near the gate
she was thr, dressed in light pink and so gorgeous,i bet
i was so surprised, and became speechless
but i think, i heard few words coming out of her little lips
"can we walk?"
Parking the bike...
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My Latest poem (For someone.... on some senti moment):
Din gujre kitne, kitne manjar badalgaye,
Kamyaabi ke na jaane hum kitni shikhar par chadh gaye,
Har kadam, har mod par tujhko hi bas talasha,
Par hamein akela chodh tum itne aage badh gaye,
Ki siskiya na sun sake meri,
Na da...
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