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Hello People !!!!!!
One more year gone by.... We will all die this year...... Nah, Mayans are stupid people [smiley] [smiley] [smiley]
I am doing great in my job and I am sure my boss recognizes my work..... Nah again, my boss is stupid too..... He will never recognize my work..... [...
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Where's everyone? :mg: Where's our plan to report in this thread and let each other know what is going on with our lives?

@WhiteWNNoise sirjee, come out and post something. :)

For now I'm recruiting people for my startup. Also holding the creative head position for the same. :|

Made into a bank as Asst. Manager recently. :|

The aim to do MBA has taken a backseat now. Should I go for Indian bshcools at all, that remains a concern. Hopefully two years in the banking sector, and I'll re-analyse my plans.

For now, this is it.

btw, getting into social work is a pain. Went to be a volunteer in Missionaries of Charity, Mother House, Kolkata and they told me to report after three months. Realised that by that time I'd be away from here. Looks like whenever I try to make a commitment for something good, they come up with all guns firing at me. So for now, no social works from my part.

Will be reporting back after sometime.

People of PG please share your bucket list, otherwise this thread will be :sleep:

On a road less travelled, you'll find what you've been looking for. Yourself.
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    Ok...this thread is so different from what you see on similar threads from people in the west...a lot of the posts from people there are related to some crazy romp they'd want to have with some hot guy/girl...do some crazy drugs, get smashed etc...i mean there would be other stuff but this would ...
    1. Who are you, what do you do...
    I am one of those IT guys, who left his home 7.30 in the morning and come back 9.30 in night..
    2. Some of your bucket list items...
    2.Driving car (Seems everyone knows ..but belive me i dont even have license) and want to buy a car as s...
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    Well Well Well..... Now I can conclude that Number 2, 5 and 16 are checked
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    Your tattoo tempts me to raise more questions but I think i will be silent for now....
    Well, getting a tattoo was a part of the list. :)
    I can check it off now. \m/
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    Spanish. :clap:
    And I always wanted to learn archery. Since the time I knew that one of my fav. writers Coelho also keeps interest in archery. He writes that archery generates concentration. But I guess we don't have any such institutes for archery in Kolkata. Anyways, all the best to you for...
    Spanish it is... Starting from today. And 'Lo and Behold.....' Archery classes falling right in my lap.... AWESOMENESS !!!!!!!
    btw, dancing is for fun, hobby only.
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    Wao. So is it going to be French or Spanish?
    Btw, dancing? is it professional learning? I wanted to learn salsa. Seems like not happening for me right now.
    Who am I:
    An MBA aspirant, who finished BE and working in IT
    Things i would like to do:
    1. get in touch with swimming again
    2. go on a tour ( atleast for a week)
    3. buy say 10 new books, and immerse myself reading them
    4. learn salsa
    5. go to a theme park..( yes..everytime i...
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    List extended:
    16. Learn a Foreign Language
    17. Be part of Everest Base camp expedition
    18. Go rock climbing
    19. Take a canopy tour (traversing between trees on a zip line)
    20. Go to Loy Krathong, the sky lantern festival in Thailand
    21. Visit the Kremlin in Russia
    Waise, w...
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    Apart from the 3rd one, we share the same interests buddy. Its either posted here or is in my extended list.
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    sahi hai yaar..... aish karo..... humain bhi batana kahan chapen hain tere articles.
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    8-9 Kerala porottas!!! U must have some appetite buddy!!! I have never seen anyone cross 5-6...
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    1. Watch the Northern Lights
    2. Visit Easter Island
    3. Watch Van Halen in concert
    4. Jump from an airplane
    5. Everest base camp
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    My status gets updated. Editing my post accordingly.
    1. Started content writing.
    2. Started working as internet marketing personnel at a friend's project. :grin:
    So right now I'm working as a writer. And also as an internet marketing personnel and official social media administrator. ...
    We used to call it KPs.... awesome stuff btw
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    Guys/ Gals who are present in Hyderabad - I think lets meet up. I have already been going on treks & all and it would be great if we can plan something out. There sure are treks where we can go for scuba diving, fox flying, canyon swinging and all....
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    This is awesome. :cheerio:
    Now I want to taste those....keeping on my list when I visit south India for sure.
    Being on TV is something which was there in my mind since school days... One way I found out was being on Quiz competitions... And I got a chance first in Class VIII in a regional channel (Kairali TV).. Got a couple of calls from relatives who saw it and I was happy...
    The big chance came in C...
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