Best (Fav) Sites: Places to visit on the internet Chit-Chat

Hi ppl,
We all have sites which we frequent, sites which we enjoy, sites which are very useful to us.
Why not share the URL (universal Resource Locater) of those sites on the world wide web with other users of pagalguy.com.
So that we all can enjoy www (internet) much more and can find o...
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    u ll read news in pictures here...
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    can you give a little more details.....as in the exact links on investopedia from where I can read up on stock markets..plz reply
    Indian Cricket Fans
    the largest forum dedicated to indian cricket fans..you can also discuss life other than cricket there..
    my profile name is exams there
    Khan Academy
    :cheers::cheers:awesome place to learn through videos:cheers::cheers:
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    TheNewBoston - Free Educational Video Tutorials on Computer Programming, Adobe Software, Computer Science and More!
    the best site for learning programming languages like c.c++,java,php etc..
    i must say it is awesome
    for anyone who wants to learn he basics of Stock market and wanna become an veteran in the field.
    A-Z of Stock markets...
    Its very helpful in learning.. especially for interviews...
    boston big picture
    www.fakingnews.com a site for all funny ,fake and creative news
    www.freerice.com an initiative by unicef asking visitors to play simple games in return for rice grains to mitigate hunger as per the world food prog.
    www.teambhp.com a complete guide/forum to all your car related queries
    you guys even can't imagine how gr8 this site is. Philosophy, Literature, Current Affairs every thing u need. Has a gr8 collection of world magazines, book reviews needless to say a must for Pagal like us.
    plz let me knw if this turns out to b usefull for u puys
    Arts & Letters Daily - ideas...
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    visit this site for fun 9GAG - Just for Fun!
    great thread.i am subscribing
    My sites to visit inclued Reddit.com , slate.com and cracked.com
    1. FB
    2. PG
    3. Blogger
    Not to leave on the list Google.
    Not sure if anyone has mentioned this site yet, but Boston.com's The Big Picture is a must visit site where a picture is literally worth a thousand words.
    Specially check out its annual coverage on Holi in Indian Cities!
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    I want to learn about indian economy, finance and banking for interview purpose only.Can anyone please suggest some video links where i can learn about them?
    or some website with quite short discription.
    Nice Topic
    Want to add some sites
    Pick a song, every song €“ Saavn (for online hindi music)
    Index :: Warez-BB.org (movies,music,ebooks,wallapapers,ebooks etc download)
    HowStuffWorks "Learn how Everything Works!"
    Share Book Recommendations With Your Friends, Join Book Clubs, Answe...
    my favorite sites are:
    Yahoo! India
    Horoscope Predictions, Horoscopes ? Astrology, Free Daily Horoscopes, Astrology Birth Charts
    Find Similar or Opposite words at WordHippo.com
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