Banned on PG? Why?? Chit-Chat

Hie folks,
Have been receiving many queries such as:
- Whats the criteria for banning someone?
- Why was XYZ banned?
- What should we avoid so as not to get banned?
Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thread on this issue as well. Henceforth, this thread wo...
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Premmm What ban you are talking about? Are you talking about the.... 11 Jun '13.
rohit100 banned because he apparently 'came to know about an institution providing revolutionary concept in training that specializes in media management and public relations - ******'
He also says that the institute claims:
By the time you graduate, you will have worked for more than 3 m...
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'aanya' banned. 'aanya' was posting praises about one Vaibhai Mittal sir, CEO of **** coaching classes on the CAT coaching 2010-2011 thread. Turned out, aanya was Vaibhav Mittal himself. Another case of Multiple Personality Disorder
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Ghantaram has been banned for posting utter nonsense 38 times on the Welingkar thread. Apna ghanta kahi aur jaake bajao sirjee
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ankitgarg20 has been banned for reports of soliciting fees for his help. Please remember that anyone trying to get business in the guise of help on the forums is not welcome here.
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Mr. Zorb is banned for life
for having a hallucination that he is a Chinese inspite of sitting in Aamchi Mumbai
and cheers for somehow surviving 50+ non sense posts full of BS and spam.
we don't want spammers like you here.
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Alain / mohd_k banned. Both are the same persons posting actively. Also, Alain is a 'Concern Troll' - a common occurrence on message boards who display the following behaviour...
"A person who posts on a blog thread, in the guise of "concern," to disrupt dialogue or undermine morale by pointi...
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asd1314 banned for posting something which goes like:
"I will provide the good reputation and high Quality service to win your trust. Quality is the first with best service"
This was followed by some advertisements. What they meant I don't know
If someone posts some advert, please don'...
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LOL! for some reason, the above reminds me of the scene from Manu weds Tanu where the pop standing in the river yells "ho gaya na *****yapan" !!
p.s. Sorry for the unrelated post.
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Mudit Agarwal ( userid - muditagarwal1 - http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/members/muditagarwal1-220454.html ) has been banned...ummm for just validating Darwin's theory of Evolution.
Dumb - Sending unsolicited PMs to female members of pagalguy, which is seriously looked down upon by the pagalguy ...
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akshaypune banned for writing expletive-laden PM to another user after a simple disagreement over facts on the DSMIMD thread.
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Mr. Rockstar11 and Mr. AArunabh are banned for lifetime and an year respectively as they are the same guy who is suffering with multiple personality disorder.
AArunabh is applying to NIASOM and Rockstar11 is undermining the college's reputation on the thread :
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lo ji :D
ek aur banda pakeeza1990
apne Na-Pak-eeza iraadon ke chalte advertisement karne ke liye ghumta firta yahan aa gya...
aur bechara EminentFate ki tez nigah ke kaaran pakda gya aur apni antim saansein bhi nahi gin saka :D
thanks EminentFate for observing and putting on SB :D
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sumit9909 banned for making posts like this:
Hmm, why such bias saar? There were dudes too asking for help amidst the two girls. All the friends you've added are girls and you send PMs asking for their chat ids. Sorry saar but we know where all this is heading towards
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4abhishek4 is banned for 1 day. reason: spamming and posting the same stuff across the MHROD thread
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vikasnande has been banned for trying to advertise his institute in a not so subtle manner.
And this was followed by a full detailed report of their stellar placements and ratings according to various sources
Thanks to cutie.pie for reporting this
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mithen has been banned for advertising.
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Sugar70 has been banned for advertising.
Cheeni bhai was trying to teach us "how to deal with stress"
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cedric30 has been banned for posting adult stuff
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CAT09-aspirant, catmba10, Gchord, multiloop, techno_lunatic have been banned for violating the Non-Disclosure Agreement and discussing questions on the CAT experiences thread.
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Gurdeesh25 is banned for soliciting phone number of a member of the opposite gender.
Please being this to our notice whenever such things happen.
Added later: Ban revoked after Rohit spoke to the user.
Bukowski is banned as he is the clone of Bhaskaryya87.
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