Banned on PG? Why?? Chit-Chat

Hie folks,
Have been receiving many queries such as:
- Whats the criteria for banning someone?
- Why was XYZ banned?
- What should we avoid so as not to get banned?
Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thread on this issue as well. Henceforth, this thread wo...
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Premmm What ban you are talking about? Are you talking about the.... 11 Jun '13.
i am out of any of my usual boring humor on seeing this
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seems like i am the only one banning..err..spamming around
out of the 4 advertisers i banned today, here is the most interesting one.
please welcome mr. ZYPeng.
many newbies don't know how to post and they actually post after clicking 'report bad post' button.
so the post which sh...
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aaj ke shikaar pregnant shikaar
getpregnant777a, IAmPregnantUS, pregnanc5g, Pregnancy,
pregnancyguide, pregnancyguiylo, pregnancyok, pregnancysigns, pregnancysiguh
what else could have been their fate on pg??
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i wished to mention it in the above post, but i can't stop spamming
anyway, back to work.
Mr. heisenberg is banned permanently for proving his uncertainty principle
by showing uncertainty in decision, whether to advertise energy risk professional material or to sell CFA material
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nanayco is banned permanently for advertising for some proof reading jobs.
kinah00 is banned permanently for advertising for some gold company or i don't understand what.
PS:- (adding here, reducing spam )
ha ha, i sent my details to this guy and have got 2000USD
but i am so selfis...
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roystondsa and Mariasharapova are (sorry, were ) unlucky twins (read clones) who were lost years ago in kumbh mela.
After so many years today they again met at Good MAT Business Schools thread, thanked some others posts, tried to promote IFIM B-school Bangalore and finally rested in peace.
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onlinebetting is banned because of the name and to add to that "She" is from Cyprus, India.
Jaao jaako geography padkh ke aao.
Kaccha khiladi
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some intelligent advertising for a website disha4uDOTcom
userID is Counselling, using name as Amit in posts, using email ID as aparnabaheti at a domain for the same site.
now this is serious identity disorder
result: user banned permanently.
thanks to seba_catrpillar for reporting th...
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The conclusion of the 'IIMA vs IIMC' website was that aggressive posts defending one's school will invite a ban. Going by that, nishantvdo banned for his last comment. As it is, the reason for his existence on the site was nothing apart from defending IIMC even when an offence did not exist.
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Hobertid78 has been packed off for selling something in Mandarin
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Alisha Sharma is banned permanently for covert and intelligent advertising of AIT gurgaon.
this user has been indulging innocently in b-school related talks and discussions until one day he/she posted the link for AIT gurgaon in one of the posts.
also, the link for the college was the user'...
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ailsa has been banned for selling cheap shoes here in PG...so, have given her a permanent vacation, so that the shoes can be sold in some real world places
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kitne acche spammers hain hamare.
hum mods ko bhi iss thread pe spam karne ka mauka dete rehte hain. :D
ab innko hi dekh lo:-
Welcome to the best Online Malaysian Girls from the entire world, Information on local issues, all politics, Main events, World celebrations, peo...
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thinkingun banned for opening Welingkar result threads before the actual result was out. I had warned the users but if people don't pay heed to it, we have no other option.
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ashish18011978 is banned for trying to sell GMAT books on the forum.
an almost 4 year old dormant user resurrects to post 10 posts in a row to sell his stuff.
wah ji wah. :D
great going.
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Ramesh1122 and Sheela5050 are banned for trying to advertise a bank probationary test coaching institute.
these great actors were the same person who was trying to act as a masoom student and a knowledgeable veteran. :D
kripa karke koi naya tareeka irjaad karein advertising ka.
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inhe dekhiye zara:-
kitna sasta, badiya (err ghatiya) aur tikau andaaz hai advertising ka
ab ban nahi milega toh kya milega.
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fmsxat12012 and fmsxat2012 banned permanently for creating a nuisance on the XIMB HR thread and through PMs.
So, if someone knows an Abhinav Sahrma, please confirm once if he is the same person and if he is, better stay away. Being disrespectful to girls won't get you anywhere in life.
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ScottieSteven has been banned for promoting Builders in Kochi
And this is my 3000th post
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Mrs. or Miss or Mr. marrylee is banned for selling microsoft office on this website.
microsoft wale hi toh nahi karva rahe kahin yeh sab apni sales badhvane ke liye?
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