Banned on PG? Why?? Chit-Chat

Hie folks,
Have been receiving many queries such as:
- Whats the criteria for banning someone?
- Why was XYZ banned?
- What should we avoid so as not to get banned?
Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thread on this issue as well. Henceforth, this thread wo...
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Premmm What ban you are talking about? Are you talking about the.... 11 Jun '13.
If the person doesnt leave me in peace and keeps ranting at the expense of my dignity, do u expect me to keep quiet?? Is defending onself, from a false accusation, a fault?
U are only seeing only my fault... which is not justified :neutral::neutral:
this was 11 posts b4..!!!!
this was 7 posts b4 ...!!!
but u keep on continuing dude....duh.!!!!....give this thread some space to breathe.
Nice point PschoD. A situation faced by all Mods and Senior members of the forum. :smile:
Pehle to, as far as Forums as a source for these events goes, its not manadatory to put up ur email id and Y! on ur profile. Its personal choice!
Also, to reply back Y! offliners or emails is personal...
Heated discussions are (even though, they shud try to keep their cool) legitimate, because it is obvious that people have different views and while in a debate, their aim is to win over their opponent.. But, should abusive language be tolerated? Doesn't it hurt our pride? I believe that the mods...
I wanted a clarification from the Mods. I have a question. At many a times I am at the receiving end simply because I don't answer mails/posts or reply back to Yahoo PMs (arrey i get offliners the next day bhai please wait )
I mean verbal abuse on YM or gmail or still worse at times even on ...
lmfao @ super dude who cant be judged...
Awesome peeps :).. reminds me of PG.com circa 2003-2004 when we used to have a lot of heated discussions/personal remarks.. of late PG has been rather sublime but this was a welcome abberation!
But having said that.. it's high time you two continue your blah-blah the PM way!
See.. the mod...
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Even the modertor's voice doesnt ring a bell in ur ears... does it?? and u expect me to heed advice from a dumb person like u....
This clearly shows, that u dont even know which posts u r talking about and u have started accusing me... eh! Get a life, dude!
mind ur language man..... if u do...
yeah I need a degree for judging you which is preapproved by the AICTE....hail the super dude who cant be judged..
I happen to have better things to do
Made a mental image from whose opinion??? I have had such opinion of you way before you were banned....Somebody rightly said...Never argue ...
@gaurav200x Rein your thoughts a bit for each and every post. You have made your point and as Monil said it would be considered.
@all Please avoid frequent personal remarks Do understand the purpose of this thread.
Do u know how many blokes have sent me appraisal PMs, yahoo offlines, emails, etc..... If i starting counting.... this figure (which u quoted) would probably, reduce to less than 10% of that.... This is a public forum, man.... people post whatever they wanna post here.... and i can't shut everyon...
frnds, pls dont turn this into a "fight club" ....it reminds me of a movie with the same name ( hindi waali fcourse )
i love reading the posts on this thread..... keep on going guys...!!!
there must be something wrong with u that you are managing to irritate so many blokes here......so when every one points fingers at you...its time for a little introspection....How come everybody is subjecting you to "personal gruesome comments"?
i have nothing against you dood....just that i ...
Good u have highlighted the threads (although... why not specific posts?? )
Let me tell u something, u probably don't read the posts i post, properly and have made a BIG misconception in ur mind.....
Wondering, how i am saying that.... Consider "Black Noise Project".... If u think, i am th...
but what if he hasnt...even after ur ban was removed u were again given a warning here-
look i'm no MOD....but I've been here as long as almost everybody else(well almost )..but your posts are content less...you dont have to spam all over the place....You dont have to post for the sake of doin...
Aah...Banning,the reasons are as varied as each individual out here...Monil has rightly pointed out most of the reasons....But more than the reasons...I think a more valid point is trusting the mods' judgement....Sure, mods do make errors....Its just that over a period of time, the errors of judg...
I guess no point getting stuck over the issue. Lets take the positives from both and move forward.
I second Maverick on the issue that if a person is banned after repeated warnings, the user is at fault and he deserves to get a 'Banned' rank. Why so?
- If he repeats the same mistake after ...
I dont think so
PS> Why the heck people cant understand that it is not necessary make at least 5 posts whenever they login?
Following reasons:
(a) Just joined the forum, looks apparently just for 1 purpose
(b) Has opened 3 threads all on the same topic within a few hours
(c) Has nothing else to say (i.e. share opinion about the site) apart from "This is a great site, check it out"
If these were not reasons...