Banned on PG? Why?? Chit-Chat

Hie folks,
Have been receiving many queries such as:
- Whats the criteria for banning someone?
- Why was XYZ banned?
- What should we avoid so as not to get banned?
Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thread on this issue as well. Henceforth, this thread wo...
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Premmm What ban you are talking about? Are you talking about the.... 11 Jun '13.
And posting the link beneath the "Banned" logo is impossible. We arent doing a full time job here you see :)
If you really wanna have some fun and all, there are hundreds of such forums on the internet
this sounds like fight club again.:2gunfire::argue: :snipersm:
nice idea though .. but i dont think pg is the place to wash linen.. pm is a better way i suppose :grab:
if somebody is really that curious, he can simply check the banned person's previous post through the profile...his last post would give u an idea why that person has been banned.
wow.this has to be the most entertaining thread i have read in a long long time
but ofcourse thts not the purpose of the thread.
wht i'd like to know is why doesnt pagalguy just start a seperate thread for pple to have their arguements in.whnever u see pple arguing in a particular thread...
Each time a user is banned, what essentially happens is that below each of his previous posts(posts posted b4 he is actually banned), there is a BANNED sign(with the yelloish coloured symbols!). Now, it would really be helpful if uall either post the thread name for which he has been...
Good you asked.....First the regular variety--the ones that are most often seen --
-same threads in multiple sections
-opening threads even after mods/someone has pointed out similar threads
-opening threads against the rules of the forum (trying to sell/cross-promoting)
I am really sorry to inform you that the Insomnia thread is no more. :(
To discuss about spam, check the link on my earlier post.
Well, Technically not possible to define it in black and white. :neutral:
To us Mods, we go by something called *Commonsense*
To elaborate, what we look at it is that a specific user is not on a posting spree just for the heck of increasing the post counts. Someone should post on a thread ...
dude to know wat true blue spamming is ..........juss visit the "insomnia" thread( u wont have any problems finding it after 12 at night) , but its like a safe haven for spammers, nobody is banned if found spamming here( some of our old timers and once in a while even mods give us darshan there)
Good point there, But where do you want us to post the thread link ? We dint have such a thread before.
About spam,
Go through this thread.
phew, peace at last!(at least for almost 90 minutes now!)
had a coupla questions still to be clarified, that's about the suspensions and bans...
to begin with a suggestion many have given, the reason or suspension could definitely be mentioned, I remember a guy(forget his name), who started...
After the Coolest Avataar thread everyone seems to be thinking Im cooking up stuff
This guy -> http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/members/vishal_tajpuria.html
I think his official name is Vishal Agarwal or something I don't know for sure.
dispute happens because of 2 people ... not one!
p.s mods, sorry for posting, but i guess this person asked me a question...
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gaurav dude, dont u get it...............these are the sort of activities that get ppl banned...................each of the mods has warned u and u still keep ranting abt defending urself.............i have been observing this thread since morning and cudnt control myself now.......do u really th...
Its funny....When something that you intend to put a period to, rolls on !!! OK, let's get this straight....Like you say, lets assume its not abt ur being banned....On a public forum, you are *viewed* in light of your posts ! Period. Don't expect people to google up your history or even check ur ...
Dear subbu,
i sincerely hope, u would have read all the posts so far on the thread... Don't u think, all ur guns are pointing at me? I didn't wish this to become a big issue in the 1st place.... I repeatedly kept telling rajeshnsitan to drop the issue(bcoz i never said the words with which, he...
Gaurav, Take this as a warning ! I am not sure if you are aware of the meaning of the word *stretch*, but stretching numerous mods and junta is what you are currently doing....And just in case you are unaware of , many a times, silence accomplishes a *lot* more than coming out 007 style !!! Think...
Did ya watch the movie ? I am waiting to watch Dino, Ritesh and co.
I checked out. There's no Vishal Tajpuria in Infy Mangalore. So pls stop cooking up stories. Hehehe
Pls check posts # 65, 68 and 72 on this thread.
Gaurav you have been told to take this issue on PMs. Please refrain from answering them in this thread.
the last few pages have been like
"Mummyyyyyyyyyyyy he is hitting me..."... thanks to u know who...
:argue::argue:... guys guys please take a break.. gaurav plz take a break for heaven's sake... why the hell must half of PG go after u.. jus think about it..
Coming to the topic, I guess a...