Banned on PG? Why?? Chit-Chat

Hie folks,
Have been receiving many queries such as:
- Whats the criteria for banning someone?
- Why was XYZ banned?
- What should we avoid so as not to get banned?
Since its a people's forum, I thought its better we have a thread on this issue as well. Henceforth, this thread wo...
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Premmm What ban you are talking about? Are you talking about the.... 11 Jun '13.
Content for this thread after long time!! :mg:
@insane_assassin has been banned for a month for using foul words in almost every 2nd-3rd post made !! Few posts have been deleted and few left for others to know the reason!!
Hope this break helps you in understanding that this is not the pla...
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Aah.. back to this thread after long :mg:
Thanks to @cmat8290 for giving me the opportunity !! Banned him permanently for continuous personal attacks and indulging in fights & abusing fellow puys through PMs!
We certainly do not want people like you here.
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@av24 has been banned for a month.
Being from a B-School doesn't provide you the license to use the platform to buzz the girl members of the forum for friendship.
Hope this break makes you understand that you selected wrong place for such acts and not repeat the same when back.
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@wakaw banned for a week for opening multiple threads to speculate on results, despite repeated requests to refrain from same.
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@raunaksodhani banned for 2 weeks for unnecessary tagging and commenting at puys despite the repeated requests from fellow puys to refrain from the same.
Hope this break helps you in understanding that we should respect the people around and not create fuss unnecessarily.
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http://www.pagalguy.com/u/ISBAspirant100 has been banned for 7 days for spamming ISB admissions thread with multiple posts with just smileys.
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@YouMadFellow banned for 30 days - enough of nuisance despite regular requests to refrain , atleast you should know how to talk to newbies who come at SB thread... if you can't then don't respond to them! But if you respond, take care of your words!
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@navjot007 banned for a month for posting CAT questions. Please refrain from the same.
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@JokaForLife has been banned for a month for discussing CAT questions through pings as well as posts!
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@kunjesh has been banned for a month for unnecessary posts and arguments on CAT 2012 Discussions thread.
Please refrain from getting personal while posting and/or spamming on CAT Discussion threads.
We do not want to ban anyone at this point of time but if anyone doesn't pays heed to cont...
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@shubhranshu19 has been banned for a week for creating nuisance about CAT.
If you post you took CAT on 12 Oct and that too a paper-pencil based, then we believe you need a break from the forum.
No nuisance/rumors related to CAT 2012 shall be appreciated.
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@nikitapawar banned permanently for advertising CMATKings and their faculty Ravi across CMAT and MAT Section!!
For Mr.Ravi - If you believe your coaching and you as a faculty are that good, why do you need to create clones again and again to promote yourself! Make your work speak for you pleas...
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Back to this thread after long time
ppkannath has been banned permanently for advertising 5 D MBA by Jain college and Stock Market Institute across the forum.
Yaha ek seedha saadha MBA nahi sambhalta , 5 D MBA kaise sambhaalte hum masoom bachhe Isliye alwida kehna pada sir!!
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CATer44 has been banned for a month for unnecessarily spamming across the Exam Discussions and College Admission threads with link to IIM K life's google plus page, despite requests to refrain form same!!
Want people to know about life at K, please use Life at IIM K Thread of the forum inste...
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hiddenfacts has been banned permanently for creating nuisance on PUMBA thread in the name of passing correct information.
Personal attacks and making claims against college without any concrete support do not serve any purpose. Did not provide any link/proof to authenticate the claims made ...
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first ban on the new version. :mg:
yuvraj956 banned for a very generic and obvious reason.
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The curious case of cognizant_81
i had been watching this user for a long time now.
after a lot of reports received by various users, then thinking and "dimag ko faltoo shot" kind of discussions with other mods and other members of the forum, i have banned this user permanently.
the reas...
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So, here we have someone registered few days back, interested in getting into retail management. Asking suggestions for colleges but discarding all suggestions which are not BIBS Kolkata.
Finally, ma'am sees ( going by user id ) Why Marketing thread and bumps into it with the same query !
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It happened sometime back that Aejazveir urged me to keep the ID alive so that he can study.
I had warned him sufficiently previously as well and he had promised me to be sane on the forum.
Having observed him for a couple of days and a recent turn of events, his IP's have been blocked.
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fireintheheart has been banned permanently for being a clone of already banned user- vinumahalingam
Kaccha khiladi
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