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guys check this site out it has an amazing ad for honda accord. it might take sometime to load but trust me its worth it. http://www.steelcitysfinest.com/HondaAccordAd.htm :shock: [smiley] lemme know what you think
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Nice thread ! some ads are really worth mentioning and appreciating. I really like the new ad of ICICI :

I am sure most of us will love it !
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    Metlife insurance india ad is a good one.. I think it was framed by Lowe lintas.. Another interesting ad in Lowe lintas' kitty is the tanishq's ad .. "diamonds are a man's best friends too" , an innovative and a apt ad too..
    Guys has anyone posted the TOI vs Hindu ad war which had happened...
    New Television Commerical (TVC) for MetLife Insurance India (2010) - YouTube
    I don't see this topic active enough in comparison to the 'Ads you HATE'. Probably, good ads have been stopped.
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    An "awwwwww" film from Huggies : Kajol, shadow and the baby - YouTube
    and I just love these ads.
    Chulbuli New - YouTube
    It's a lovely ad.
    Phir kehlayenge ""Sone ki Chidiya ""Naye bharat ki shuruat - YouTube
    This ad makes my eyes go wet.
    Long time since anything is posted here but here we go..
    Coca-Cola - Advertisement - YouTube (amazing)
    Aamir khan(Coke ad as japani) - YouTube
    Chanced upon this thread and thought of asking this. There has been an ad I have been looking for, but sadly don't quite remember the name or the foundation it was for. It goes like this---
    A man is descending from a staircase when all of a sudden the lights go out.Screen is pitch bla...
    It is good that Cadbury brought the Ramesh - Suresh ad back for the IPL season.
    "Masterjee, Pitaji ki patloon ek bilang chhoti kar do"
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    There are many reasons to believe in a better tomorrow. Here's just a few that Coca-Cola discovered. Tell us yours!
    Coca Cola New Hindi Advertisement "Reasons to Believe"
    Umeed Vali Dhoop Sunshine Vali Asha Coca Cola New Hindi Ad Umeed Wali Dhoop 2011-2012 with Lyrics - YouTube
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    The yatra.com ad by salman khan is quite good. i mean the way the fat guy imitates him and then goes weird.
    The Ad of V-Guard inverters is simply AWESOME and super HILARIOUS !!!! :
    V-Guard Advertisement
    I love the ads of Surf-Excel. They are very touching.:)
    Have a look on this link.
    Surf Excel "Dog" - YouTube
    And this one.. i really love. :)
    Surf Exel - Daag Acche Hai - YouTube
    Sack Race
    Surf Excel 'Sackrace'.mov - YouTube
    DAAG ACCHE HAIN..:grin:
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    All the ads by cleartrip.com
    SKODA Rapid Television Commercial - YouTube
    I don't know about others but I love this ad especially the song!
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    Indiabulls Ad with Saif Ali Khan in it and Gladiator Theme song as the background score... awesome ad showcasing the modernised India.
    tatadocomo - YouTube (TATA DOCOMO)
    I like the Terminator ad
    The way they have communicated through the ad is great!
    the cadbury ads are my favourite.especially,the background score-kiss me,close your eyes miss me...........sigh.
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    The recent airtel ad 'Har Friend Zaroori hai' is pretty amazing. Whenever i see i get pretty nostalgic missin good old college days! Anothr interesting aspect, it has an online campaign/game running at airtel hfz - har friend zaroori hai, yaar
    Pretty nice mktg effort different from same old bo...
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    this Cadbury Dairy Milk's ad is really awesome...very romantic
    Cadbury Dairy Milk Shubh Aarambh Ad - YouTube
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