3 movies that you NEVER NEVER wanna see again! Chit-Chat

Hey PGites!
Just got the thing to know what kind of movies people dislike most! [smiley]
This might be a very difficult choice ppl considering the amount of trash being churned out nowadays! [smiley]
I personally just super hate the following movies which unfortunately I have seen ...
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B I U Post
yup he is that sort of STUD guy......
got this huge fame.... in a veri short time...
with that guy.. anything's possible
hey but have u heard.... he told media that KILLBILL3 shall come 15yrs later...
dingdong........ the topic is " 3 movies you never want to see again"
the topic says YOU..... YOU
Gosh . rarely have I heard such acerbic comments for Tarantino's works. Guess you were taken aback by the grossness of violence in those movies. But thats his style. No one can do it better than him.
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You those type of ppl who like watching mushy movies sitting with the whole family eh ?
Well, instead of naming some non descript movies which no one will anyway watch I think it wud be better to name some well known and recent ones.
So here goes..
Kill Bill (the whole movie was full of BS)
Charlies Angles (same case)
Moulin Rouge (ditto)
The li...
Here the dreadful list:-
1. Aamdani Atthanni Kharcha Rupaiya (Myself and two of my friends were the only people sitting in the balcony... I got suspicious the moment I saw the empty seats)
2. Aitraaz (Dialogues-----> As cheap as they can be)
3. Jeena Sirf Tere Liye (Had no clue wat was g...
1. Boom (not even the promised sleaze there!)
2. Mohabatein (utter crap and the actors trying to look serious in a laughable setup!).
3. Dil to pagal hai (Total remake of another of those SK's movies I'd just watched...could guess each scene b4 it happened...!)
Best moveis:
1)hera phe...
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as everybody else is complaining why only 3 - comeon our bolly ppl r not that good
still ---
dos- ROK SAKO TO ROK LO(enuff said abt it)-1 mor reason not to apply to **** (just joking )
tres- all sentimental tenny bopper romances
As far as Hollywood is conc look th...
Only 3 Movies :!: For me the list 'll go long
trying to rank the worst 3...
1)Ab Tumhare Hawale Watan Satihyo(After IIFT I went for that movie slept all tje 2nd half.How can BIG B act in such a rubbish )
2)Rok Choko to Rok Lo(Arindam Chaudhury trying his skill here
I think...
wd never never never watch these movies
Lal Badshah
Murder i hate it (n her)
Did you type it correct?
And your reasons for thinking that an oscar nominated movie(that was last 5) was a crap???
Bride & Prejudice [xcept for the naag dance of ash's sis.. :crazyeye: ]
kuch na kaho [xcpt for ash walking out on her husband... ]
4 the people [ ]
i usually get reviews and missed most of the horros, but was snared by th above 3... :(
-- Surya
here are my 3 movies worth:
1) K3G - It may b about loving your parents, but plz cut out the overacting and the "pseud" attitude
2) Silsila Hai Pyar ka....dont no if any1 saw this...sad sad movie
3) Hulchul.......crap...sheer crap
Movies that I like for reasons -
1) Humraaz - I c...
Nayak (Anil Kapoor should have been crucified for being so cheap)
1) Amitabh's JAADUGAR
3) And any english movie dubbed in hindi.I mean Pierce Brosnan just cant give a hindi GAALI!!!
1. Naaka Bandi.
2. Hitler
3. Hafta Vasool.
Pl. don't watch these 3 movies !!!!!!!!
there r soo many....
1) badhaai ho badhaai(actually watched in a theatre)
2) all satish kaushik directed movies(he churns out senti crap)
3) all suraj barjatya movies(they gave me diabetes)
Good Fences Make Good Neighbours
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I Add DIL MANGE MORE to it . Disguting and total nonsense movie