IES Management College and Research Centre Batch 2011 - 2013 - Admission Queries MAT, CMAT & State Exams

Hi All
I am Punit Tharwani, currently pursuing PGDM from the Graduating Batch of 2011 at IES Management College and Research Centre, Mumbai.
Since December 2010 MAT is over and FEB 2011 CET is right around the corner, I decided to post this thread to answer all the possible queries that an...
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mmp90 do we have to pay whole fees of pgdm programme at the t.... 27 May '13.
manasviov hi my cmat may 2013 score is 165 my hu rank is 1868 n sta.... 19 Jun '13.
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I got in IES MMS program.Is the clog decent?crowd is good?what about the placements?packages?
bt wht m cncend is timings???
2nd shift ka timing in lala is 2-8 as d officials in d clg say....
is it true???
@[589086:radhika91] both are same as i have heared not mutch difference in cutoff and they have common placement for both 1st and 2nd shift
Yes, you do have good chance of getting into IES.
Good luck
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hu-mum ; open category; univ rank-1293
state rank-1728;any chances of gettin into ies ?

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    Depends on following question:
    1. Was this your best CET attempt? Do you think you can't do better in future entrance?
    2. Do you want to secure admission this year only, you can't wait?
    Because, after 2 years of experience I think you deserve a better college. You can try gambling in 2...
    bt whts d diff in lalas 1st shift nd 2nd shift????
    i mean r dey given equal imp????
    is d 2nd shift reali held in aftrn???
    @[351258:samay20] go for it yar no need to worry good college
    hey got ies mumbai....indian education society any reviews????
    Hi guys,
    my score is 107/240category: SCuni: Mumbaiuni category rank: 119I got alkesh dinesh modi collg?What shld i do? wait for cap2 ya take admn in alkesh?M having 2 yrs of work exp. n interested in finance specialisation. pls guide me
    @[561614:Mission-CET] my state rank is 1728 and univ rank is 1293 is it possible to gt into ies?
    open category
    Its State Rank.
    @[589086:radhika91] when we say about placement we have to work hard to get placed but yes this college give better opportunity and decent college have name in mumbai ies>met>lala >rizvi u will get form these college definetely
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    Accrdng 2 u is lala gud???
    in terms of faculty, placememt etc???
    @[589086:radhika91] chances are 60% you are very near to last year cutoff seems to be ideal for u. try in second round bcoz u have met lala rizvi in your pocket
    @[436532:monarque] better don't wait for cap 3 bcoz you have to take admission in any of the choice which u have mentioned in cap 2 and not eligible for cap 3 and i think everyone made ies as a option and anyone want to get admission in that so less chances.
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    @[296801:sandbshel] Do you know what was the cutoff last year for IES in CAP 4 ie counselling round (this year it would be CAP 3) ? Please let me know.
    Not possible in CAP Rounds, Try you luck in Counseling.
    Yup, possible in CAP 2 or 3
    can i get ies in cap 2 or counselling round?