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Puys please share ur profile(those who have got call):clap:
And lets start discussing for GD - PI
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Hi everyone,
Thanks for starting the thread, Congratulations to all call getters. We will kick off with the mentorship program very soon, in which you all will be assigned a mentor from 2011-13 batch.
Start preparing for GD/PIs. The first and foremost suggestion to you all will be to start ...
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Got a call for PGDM through XAT..
OA: 97.XX
QA: 82.XX
DM: 96.XX
EL: 96.XX
Seniors, when will our mentors get assigned?
No offence meant but XIMB seniors are not so active. When will they reply to us..
I see the reverse for GIM...
i got a call for HRM.
Seniors, can anyone tell how good it is..
Wht would be the average package around, for the first batch in 2013....
i have 2.7 yrs work-ex........
3rd cal...I am in. when will be the gdpi seniors??
i think dat u shud first focus on converting both d calls nd den later decide wat u shud join
lately i wud suggest dat bcoz u will be CA, so HR wud not be a better choice for u rather u should go for PGDM from XIMB where u can get Finance or Marketing as specialization
but on the oth...
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CAT OA = 91.24
XAT OA = 89.12
General Male Engineer category
Profile: Work-Ex Infosys 1.5 years
Big4 Consulting Firm 10 months
Extra-curricular Professional level DJ'ing (Corporate level) 8 years
same here..
got call frm XIMB PGDM.. applied through CAT only..
Orissa Domicile..
QA: 87.30
VA: 97.3
OA: 94.93
Along wid it got a call frm IIM Ranchi PGDHRM..
nd evn my CA final is due nxt year.. i cn go fr either of da two courses..
wat shud i opt for.?
pls help me out..
got the call...applied thru cat
QA : 98.58
VA : 98.72
OA : 99.48
10th and 12th in early seventies
B Tech in early sixties from mechanical
fresher with one year gap
looking forward to convert d call
got the Call...Applied through CAT
QADI- 97.45
VALR- 95.66
Overall- 98.20
70s throughout...in 10th 12th and Engineering
28 months of work experience as of today
Good initiative i must say...
Now seniors please guide us.. I hope you people are not busy with exams and all....
XAT Score : 91
Orissa domicile.
Calls : PGDM and PGDM HRM
What is the process of GD/PI like?
Tentative dates?
No of calls?
Thanks in advance