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Puys please share ur profile(those who have got call):clap:
And lets start discussing for GD - PI
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No!!!! We have many freshers in our batch (22% of students with less than 1 year work ex. and many of them are freshers) !!!
so be optimistic and give your best shot!!!!ATB
Hi seniors,
I got a call for ximb - hrm thru xat with 89.12 %ile. with these percentiles and decent acads (X- 91% XII - 86% and B.Tech - 79.6%), do i have a chance of converting the call... Kindly guide as to what to expect in the next rounds.
seniors pls reply.....are there difft seats for cat/xat????
Got call through XAT with scores as
OA: 98.9
QA: 67.65
DM: 95.53
EL: 99.83
i am medical graduate(fresher) with B.D.S degree...i see all people here have work exp...is XIMB also like SPJAIN in case of intake of students that only those with work ex are admitted?? plz tell me if i ha...
Shortlisted for XIM(B) PGDM......
CAT 2011 OA = 99.04%ile
X = 84.20
XII = 80.60
B.Tech = 73.92
Work Ex. = 14months and counting.....
Seniors..... please count me in too while assigning mentors......
Got the much coveted call..
QA:61.xx :banghead:
EL: 98.86
As a blunder, I somehow did not apply to HRM ( was not aware of it as a separate course). Was basking in the expectation of having HRM available as an option in the PGDM course too. :|
Am one o...
Got shortlisted for PGDM & PGDHRM
Xth - 82.6
XIIth - 64.8 :banghead:
BA - 70.0
XAT OA - 97%tile
i Got a call from XIMB ...
through CAT @99.36...
@Seniors..can u pls tell what is the weightage of CAT/XAT and the weightage of GD/PI ??
They might ask u anything in your PI. However u can be 100% sure regarding the following
1. Your work and your company (In case u have work ex.)
2. Brush up your acads.
3. About ur state and ur city.
4. Current affairs (Go through ET,TOI etc)
5. Your hobbies( anything from your res...
Does anyone know the seat intakes? how many seats through CAT and XAT separately....seniors please help on this...!!!
yah..pls make this thread active...i got shortlisted for pgdm-hrm thru cat...got 93.39(92.68 & 89.39).....if the process gonna start from this month then seniors pls guide us thru.....
Pls make this thread active... shortlisted for HR. Some one pls give the details of the course and abt the opportunities. There is not much on the web-site too.
Got call fot XIMB RM through IRMA score.
IRMA Score AR 72 QA 88 EC 68 ISC 96 OA 91.
Congrets and Best luck to all the Shortlisted Candidate..
lagta hain kaafi log hain infy se...:)
got a call for PGDM
when will mentorship start?
Hello Seniors,
i just want to know in the GDPI stage, what role will our profile and acad play??
what will be the contribution of CAT/XAT score?
Hi all
Got a call for PGDM
10th : 81.6 :o
12th : 70.6 :banghead:
B tech : 8.26 CGPA or 75.1% after conversion
OA: 95.57
VA: 95.43
QA: 92
Work ex: 24 months in Infosys
Does any1 has idea on what kind of Q they ask in PI??
Congo to all who got call fr GD PI :cheers:
Hi All...
Got a call from XIMB PGDM and HR
XAT : 97.38
10th : 86%
12th : 74%
Btech : 78%
Work Ex : 28 months in Infosys...
2nd call of the season...
GOT through XAT
OA - 97.6
qa - 74.15
english - 97.23
DM - 97.20
10th - 90.29
12th - 83
btech cse - 71.80
wrk - ex: 17 months in Infosys
Hi Seniors,
If anyone can provide a genuine idea about the HRM program .How good it is?