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Puys please share ur profile(those who have got call):clap:
And lets start discussing for GD - PI
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Not short listed... what a luck !!!!!!!!
last year CAT cut off for Odisha domicile was OA - 84 QA- 84 VA- 84
But this year it is ................................. OA - 84 QA- 70 VA- 86

My cat break up is ................... OA - 93.24 QA- 97.2 VA- 77

Kya kismat he bhai...
Any way.. congrats to all short listed candidates .. all the best...
for rest dont loose ur heart (including me)..It is not the end just the beginning..hope for the best..
bye bye XIMB...

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    50 % XAT score? Percentile or Raw score?
    With 90% in XAT now am:banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead::banghead: for not applyin to XIMB..Will miss u XIMB:|.All the best to all who got shortlisted..Be happy as one tough competitor is out of race
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    dnt worry mate, if u are clearing the cut offs, u ll be thru
    ximb has not send any mails just now, its only thru the shortlist page
    u can provide ur id and anyone will check for u here
    Hi.. is XIMB sending a mail to the shortlisted candidates... because the shortlist page is down at the moment and i am not able to check my status... also i have not received any mail... but i am clearing the cut offs both through CAT and XAT
    Hi Seniors,
    i have been short-listed for the next stage of HRM programme.
    Can anyone please throw some light on what is the weightage given to different parameters like Acads, Xat score , GD, PI etc.
    Got a call for both PGDM & PGDM-HRM..
    please close this thread
    Guys from now on revert your queries to the threads mentioned in the post by sobhanmohanty
    till last year there was no added weightage to profile or acads, but Profile and Academics can drive your interview, if u can sell it properly.
    We will intimate you the exact details very soon, wait for a mail from our side
    PGDM-HRM is a course wherein you specialize in HR, XIMB is one of t...
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    These are the official XIMB threads... Plz carry on your discussions there.... I request the seniors not to take queries in any other thread...
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    Congratulations to all call getters.
    First of all, the whole of college is busy with a 3 day event which ends tonight, that is why there has been delay in replying. You can expect much quicker replies from tomorrow.
    Secondly all of you will be assigned a mentor soon, as part of mentorship p...
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    X - 84.00%
    XII - 78.67%
    BE(MU) - 63.36%
    CAT OA- 96
    VALR - 95.43
    QADI - 93.04
    Work exp as of now - 24 months in TechMahindra
    The cutoff mentioned for XIMB PGDM for CAT score is
    CAT OA - 94
    VALR - 95
    QADI - 90
    Could you please tell me why i didnt get a call for XIMB...
    Got call through XAT
    OA 99.52,
    QA 99.xx
    DM 61.xx
    EL 92.xx
    10th- 89.6
    12th- 72.4
    B.Tech- 64.11
    Practically a fresher..
    Thank God I got the call, despite the DM score..
    seniors .. help :-
    1) where are the interviews going to be scheduled ? at their college ? though i think we had to choose our interview cities while filling the online application. ( just wanted a confirmation )
    2) when can we expect the first round of gd/pi to start ?
    3) when they ask a...
    Hi krish31
    Kindly disclose the weigtage given to CAT/XAT score, GD and PI for the final convert.
    @Attilio Gatti and James4cat
    All candidates called for GD-PI round have equal chance of making it to XIMB. It doesn't matter whether you are through CAT or XAT. The only thing that matters now is ur performance in GD-PI round.
    Anyways, will just confirm from the admissions office.
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    ha sabse zada shayad yahi se hai
    hmmm still very few freshers thanx for the info feeling better now
    I have got 98.33 %ile in XAT..
    98 VA
    90 QA
    86 DM
    XIIth- 76%
    14 months experience in IT..
    Not received a call!!!!
    While the cutoffs are lower..
    Any help??????