which is the best cat coaching institute in bangalore CAT & Related BSchools

hi every body, i am thinkin of appearing for cat 2005, but have a problem
i work on all 6 days in a week, so i would like to join a coaching institute which has a special [smiley] SUNDAY BATCH for people like me. I would be grateful if any one out there could suggest names of suitable insti...
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I think batches everywhere have the same number. It's the attendance that makes the difference. As I've said before, attendance in Malleswaram center is poor. So, that's a good option for you. But I don't know anybody in the Frazer Town center. So cant help ya there..
Besides, it's upto you to...
Hi...I am actually not so comfortable in big batches as my Class 12th experiences say. There's no concentration and individual attention in a huge group.
So I would prefer a smaller center.
Please suggest.
A friend of mine who lives in Frazer town comes to Infantry rd for classes. He's done his research as well. I'd do the same if I were you..
If you could still enquire about the Frazer Town center with your colleagues or friends ...
As Frazer Town center would be the nearest to my place.
Thanks in Advance!
The one on Infantry rd is great. Indiranagar one is good too. Haven't heard anythin bout th frazer town one.
Whatever you do, don't join th malleswaram one. I joined there and the class strength was pathetic. Several times there were only 3-4 ppl present in a class of 50. Hardly any point ther...
Which TIME Center do you suggest out of following?
1. Indiranagar
2. Frazer Town
3. Shivaji Nagar
Dear All,
Can somebody please tell me which is the best institute to join for GD- PI classes...
Thanks for your reply on these.
Hey Niraj,
dont worry...
i can help you out ...
there r many options .. but the best one accnd to me is Career Forum...
the coaching is really good & their study material is ultimate...
hi folks,
I shifted from Bangalore to Hyderabad few months back.
Planning to appear for CAT 07.
I am ??: Suggest me, about the coaching centres in Hyderbad.
Thank u guys for chippin with ur suggestions.
based on ur suggestions and after goin thru the thread
i have decided to join CAREER FORUM which has a sunday batch and
suits my requi...
if u workin all 6 days i sugg u take up correspondence thru either time or ims... ther'l b lot of time wasted in travel and attendin classes. i attended time last yr and felt i cud hav used those 3 hrs (1 hr travel) better had i stayed at home
but still if you want to join an institute, go for TIME in Bangalore.
I've heard that their B'lore faculty is the best among all their's(TIME's).
in my opinion, the institute doesnt matter. i would suggest a good mock series like the aimcats or the CL tests. the insti's will only teach you what is already in the book they give you.
better to be on your own and get material from various insti's.
i think TIME material is very good....it is infact exhaustive.
In bangalore TIME is the best interms of material, fees, the kind of competitors ull meet in classroom but with avg to good teachers.
the other institutes u can consider is CF & CL.
IMS u can just borrow their material frm ...
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Wayne, CC comparing is fine. Its only fair enough that they find a good place to start their preps :)
Just don't spam folks.
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Sorry Guys.
No Comparing Institutes on the Forum.......Suggest you pay a visit to each of them.....have a look at the Sample material.........speak to a few students and make a choice.
OK...I attended the GD/PI classes of CAreer Forum at Jayanagar and found them very helpful....
I heard that their Classroom classes are also too good (though i dint attend them cuz i dint want to join CAT coaching for the CAT exam itself....)
Another good place is CareerLauncher....My pal f...
IMS and TIME both are equally good and i think they are the best in bangalore.....rest is all about presonal perception....
its their weekend course
i can only speak of that since i attended that,
the best thing i can say abt it is that it neglects students,
if i speak worse i'm sure the mods will lock the thread and kick me out of the forum.
anyways, its a junk course, where we got the part d material onl...
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