UBS Chandigarh 2011-2013 Admission Queries CAT & Related BSchools

Hi Puys,
Notification for admission at University Business Chandigarh (UBS), Chandigarh is out. [smiley]
The form for applying to UBS can be downloaded from the UBS website Official website of University Business School, Panjab University, Chandigarh India.
Meanwhile, Pls shoot your que...
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Got the coveted call..!!!

CAT - 93.21

24th May , 7:30 AM :cheerio:

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hello!!! I m shortlisted for UBS gd/pi which is scheduled on 18'th may, bt i m having my university xam on dat day, who shud i mail to or contact to reschedule my GD PI date???
This is a consolidated list of all candidates belonging to all categories.
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You may find all the information on THREAD FOR UBS GD-PI 2011-13
PS : PDF file is attached here
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please tell has the list got uploaded, where is the link on site.
@ All who got short-listed
Please continue on the following thread and be a part of a Poll , even if you are not going to attend GD-PI, to give a sort of idea to aspirants !
gotta call would be attending just to check out chandigarh....will not be joining it in any case if i convert...
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:cheerio:got a call...but not attending gdpi...
got thru fore
atb to other candidates
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got a call...but not attending gdpi...
got thru fore
atb to other candidates
i guess min. is 87 or 88
Shortlisted but wont be coming for GDPI
Got Through LBSIM
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what is the min % who have got a call????
plz post ur results.
and do work ex have any advantage in ubs intvw
Seniorz isnt dis a consolidated list...i mean 572 gen + other categories combined???????....
Plzzzzzzzzz reply
1 : 8 ratio....
923 candidates for just 70 seats ....
okay.. first of all this link keeps on opening on its own :P
now the main thing.. my friend went to uni. and told me that i was in the biotech list and now what i see online is a single list and i am in it :)
is there a separate list for b...
Won't be attending as I have already converted MDI.
All the best to fellow applicants. Wishing you tons of luck for the GD/PI.
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Wont be attending
All the best to the shorlisted puys for gd pi.
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Hi All,
Though selected for GD PI by UBS, I wont be attending this as its already too late to bank on it. I am joining SIBM Bangalore this year..
All the best to all other candidates ...
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You can also find the attached pdf in case website is not up !
pdf file
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