Totaling mistake in CAT08 got more than expected frm official key. did ne1 else also? CAT & Related BSchools

I understand that I might have mistaken, but this similar thing has happened with a few of my friends, who have got more marks than they expected as per the CAT 2008 official exam key.
I've sent an email to admission@IIM-A regarding this. I'm posting here what I mailed.
Did any of you get m...
ya even i dont think there is some prob and why r u bothered if u got more marks chillax dude ...........

but i can believe u coz in their final keys they have given keys for 26-49 in the same color and 50-90 in same colour

no doubt they can mess this too :)

P.S. i got 1 more mark in verbal getting me a B call coz of that (maybe i dint mark a ques or marked a wrong answer lightly :))
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Check your scores again,
I am pretty sure, there has been no such mistake atleast in my case...