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Hi Puys,
TAPMI has released its admission brochure for the 2012-14 batch. This thread is dedicated for all your queries regarding TAPMI. We'll begin this thread by answering some of the basic queries that you might be having and recommend all aspirants to refer the PGDM or PGDM-HCM handbook in...
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on the website my message has changed to
"Waitlisted Kindly await for further announcement"???
kisi aur ka bhi aisa hua hai kya?
It is not there on the site because the current placement report isn't out yet. You will get the details about the average and highest salary when the report comes out shortly.
Yeah, we must have PMed each other.
I APOLOGIZE !!! Won't happen again.
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Hi Seniors,
Cud u pls tell me wat is d Avg salary nd highest salary offered for the batch dat is currently passing out or for the batch dat passed out last yr....askin coz its nt mentioned in d TAPMI site nywhere....
thnx in advance!!!
Exactly bhaii...TAPMI beats XIME hands down anyday!! XIME campus is 200 mts from my place. And I dont feel its a very good clg to be in!
P.S: Personal opinion though.
Tomorrow, India's budget and Tapmi's result..
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Yes this is viable option.
Don't worry we have many operations majors in our batch so its not least preferred course.
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Hi seniors,
I have my gd/pi scheduled on 6th april at IIFT Delhi at 10:30 am. However, I have my KJ Somaiya gd/pi also scheduled on the SAME DAY and SAME VENUE at 1:30 pm. I wanted to know how long will the gd/pi process for tapmi last and whether I should I should go for a date change?
I dont understand this comment . What else is this thread for if not for queries to seniors regarding tapmi . Sorry if I am sounding rude but your comment seemed funny .
Yes u can post ur queries.......
So can we post our queries here regarding TAPMI for seniors
I have a feeling seniors are not going to be happy with people doing comparisons on this thread .
Ping people fellows not post it here
This thread has been created to provide help to aspirants with regards to TAPMI Admissions,There are still students and aspirants who have not converted,please help them. Please don't discuss and compare colleges on this forum.
Viraj Naik Bhatkar
PGDM 2011-13
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Ok, called them. Failed to get favorable reply. :-(
Can any1 post the link to the thread to bombbard TAPMI seniors with queries??
I wanted to ask abt the scholarship terms mentioned in prospectus.
Ok, try calling them since u have already emailed, use the 91 code. But u have already converted, what is it that u want to know?
congrats bro....were u in the waitlist before???? coz my login still says waitlisted...check ur result after 15th march...
I already mailed to selection@tapmi.edu.in (on 13th night) and admissions2012@tapmi.edu.in (last night). No reply.
why don't u write email to Ms sujatha
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