Shortlisting Criteria - 2011 CAT & Related BSchools

Hello friends,
Kindly post the shortlisting criteria adopted by IIMs and other institutes for this year.
We can expect that the IIMs will disclose the criteria before the exams in order to avoid last year fiasco.
So kindly post as soon as you get any information.
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@mossad said: Hey people. Is there a new thread for CAT 2012 selection criteria of various IIMs? I tried searching on PG, but I am still new to this version of PG. If there isn't one, can we start a thread and make it sticky?

You can start following this thread now : http://www.pagalguy.com/forums/cat-and-related-bschools/shortlisting-criteria-2012-t-84381/p-3594658

Requesting moderators to close this thread. @[316381:visionIIM-ACL]

Thanks.. !!
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    Hey people. Is there a new thread for CAT 2012 selection criteria of various IIMs? I tried searching on PG, but I am still new to this version of PG. If there isn't one, can we start a thread and make it sticky?
    I think it will be 2, if you go by IIM A's criteria last year. I think it said greater than 80%. Therefore, your multiplicative factor would be 3 if your percentage is 80.01 or greater.
    hey guyzzz...please help me........wat would be my multiplicative factor( 2 or 3) if i have got exactly 80 percentage in my graduation........please reply
    looking at my acads can sum1 tell me chances to get call from iim-c and iim-l , n how much do i need to get a call from both of these iims in cat? acads:-
    10th- 90.6%(cbse)
    btech-8.81/10(cgpa)= 88.1% ( from NIT)
    category:- general
    can anyone please let me know ..if iim-lucknow,has got any way to allow a general engg candidate to take admission into it?, because i havnt heard much on this from anywhere, every1 denies the admission for a general candidate from engg background into iim lucknow
    Can ne1 tel me wts d method of normalization used by iimc?
    hi ,I am also preparing for cat 2012, my 10th marks=88%, 12th marks=70.9% and grads =79.2%...is it fullfilling the criteria to get calls from IIMs.. if i score a good marks..
    See in the formula used for weighted score ((QADI Score+VALR Score+SSC weights of 10%+HSC weights of 10%)*100)/562.50.....
    u hv taken the percentiles in QADI Score+VALR Score....but instead u hv to take the scaled score....which is out of 450....225 each for QADI & VALR....
    For general cat...
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    guys FMS shortlist ke bare mein koi idea???
    According to given formula for calculating weighted score:
    even if a GEN category student scores 100% each in 10th, 12th, QA, VA..
    then also (100+100+56.25+56.25)*100/562.50 = 55.55
    So, is he not eligible for GDPI??
    I am not clear with the calculation of weighted score... plz help.....
    Last year I gave CAT. I scored 266/450 with 99.05%ile. At 282, 99.6%ile.CAT topper 100%ile at 312.99.96 at late 290s.....
    At 244, 96.4%ile. That is what I know. Hope it helps........
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    Cut-offs for IIMA.....
    P.S.: But the prob is....it is given in the form of CAT Score....which is out of 450...
    pdf file
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    Do dude u have cut offs for other IIMs as well?
    Pls post it if u can..
    It's very delighted to see some of the guys posting "converted the B call" wish I would post d same soon (an year)*
    Someone pls help me, these are my academics
    UG-7.5 (CGPA)*
    Wrk.Ex- 7 months n counting will b 18 months ex if I would make thru CAT dis*
    Got an i...
    Every chance of making it to C,L...not too sure about I,K...
    Give ur best Buddy and u will easily sail through!!!
    Your acads are just fine as far as C,L are concerned...(Taking this yr's criteria into perspective)...
    All the best!!!
    Hey @kaaliya just hv a qstn in mind i hv 86, 79.68 and 74 in 10th,12th and b.tech and i hv no gap , frm a top NIT and am plcd in IBM and ericsson(10 mnths work ex nxt yr) and also hv a fair amnt of co currics and xtra currics wat are my prob chance of making in to C.L.I.K coz i know A.B is out o...
    Yup!!! thats y i said score above 99.7....99.7 because cut off was 99.55 for those who scored 80+ in 10th,12th ..since u have 78 in 12th u have to compensate that with even higher score.....so,for u the cut off will be in the 99.7 range...hope u get my point....and yes,all is not lost,atleast not...
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    @kaaliya -- ohk bro...and i will surely keep a few backup options available with me. and i just found a link for the IIMC selection criteria just now ... cutoffs 99.55% this year and my 10th and 12th grade scores wont be a problem there by the weightage alloted by them and the points scale...so a...