SC/ST students queries and discussion for CAT 2010 & other Exams CAT & Related BSchools

hi all,
I am starting a new thread for the [embedded image] puys [embedded image] who are appearing for the CAT 2010 can assemble and introduce themselves.this thread will specially address the problem related to different reserve category aspirants interested in B-school Entrance exams.
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hey... I did pay my fees .. n as of now joining... When my WL in FMS clear.. I will be going to FMS...
well you can get GDPI calls from IIMA and C for sure, if you get above 95 percentile overall with a very balanced sectionals. i know very well about IIMCs criteria according to which you low acads wont be a problem. couldnt find anything that transparent for other IIMs, so cant comment.
just w...
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someone had a query about no. of seats in top b schools
i am pasting link and figures
Visualization: The more the number of seats in a b-school, the more expensive it is | PaGaLGuY.com - Indias biggest website for MBA in India, International MBA, CAT, XAT, SNAP, MAT
CollegeFees (in Rs la...
hey is anyone from this thread(sc/st candidates) joining doms iit madras?????? plz reply...
Bro see it is true that your academic record matters for selection in MBA. But then defending a question about a year down comes down to you. According to me everything and anything can be defended (with coherent stories offcourse :P).
And give your best . Try to secure a minimum of 95+%ile, ...
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Oops sry overlooked the VA percentile. ATB.
Thanks for the quick response.Trying NCFM Modules-I was thinking about that,will definitely do that.
Will PART-TIME job be considered as work-ex?
I said that I will not get into any IT company as 8 months experience is really nothing,someone can't even recommend my CV and all 2010 recruitme...
Yes,I belong to SC Category.
Well,probably because of my verbal percentile I could not fetch any more IIM calls.
Hi Tuhin,
Your acads are great. Anyways do you belong to SC category? If yes, how did you not get other IIM calls? Anyways, Surya has already replied to your queries. ATB.
Please advice me to take my step for cat 2011..
10th 72 12th 72 b.e 66
Cat 10: v 88 d 83 q 09 oa 70
wexp: 20 systems engineer in midsize s/w
I am working in night shift and I am not able manage the time cat preparation.. Planning to quit d job in aug
shall I go ahead with my...
i would suggest u to take up some part-time job and continue preparation, truly speaking you have very good acads along with JU which is a very good college. so dont lose the opportunity.
try doing some NCFM modules also so that u get a reason to hide the gap along with part-time job.
Hi Surya,
I need your advice.i m in a dilemma can't take a decision.So plz help.
I am an SC candidate.10th-76.88(2004),12th-79.5(2006),B.E in ECE from Jadavpur University(2010)77.38.Did a 1-month summer training at VECC,Kolkata while in collage.Worked as a Performance Tester in CTS for 8...
Hii puys,
Posting after a long time.. Thread is kinda dormant.. guess most of the ppl hav decided where to join...
Well I'm concerend abt FMS SC waitlist...
Movement is soo slow...
A small request to FMS converts..
will you ppl pls take time to fill FMS-SC tracker...those who want ...
IMO, the best ones would be
Equity Derivatives: A Beginner's Module
followed by
Equity Research Module
these are the profile for which i-banks recruit exclusively from IIM ABC.
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A "must read" article for all of you to know the status of indian education system
"Basically, most of B-schools are glorified placement agencies," says Premchand Palety, chief executive of the Centre for Forecasting & Research in New Delhi, who has previously written...
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One of my freind is leaving IIM Ranchi for IIMC
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Now that most of us here have either got admitted in some b school or preparing for another year,u can now go through this thread which deals with CFA related queries.
This is to build on your profile and enhance your CV.
May be useful to some
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Any one here from Sc category who would be pulling out of IIM Ranchi due to better converts or other reasons ??
PLEASE CHECK IT on this link http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/65958-sc-st-ph-students-queries-5.html
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Your ssc/hsc academics r decent enough to get IIM calls and calls frm other coveted institutes. But the only problem ,here, is your distant learning Bsc degree.
IIMs and other colleges under top 20 requires a full time degree course for admission.
So if u get a full time degree with g...
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