Reserve category(SC,ST) Students with IIM Calls CAT & Related BSchools

Hi all,
I hope this thread doesn't start off one more reservation in educational institute debate. But CAT is a very different ball game for the students from the reserve categories, specially since they make it to there with a low percentile and may be also with low acads.
I have scored 9...
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Success retained me as a boy, but failure(s) made me a man IIM Calcutta - Class of 2012
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hi, i am preparing for cat and belongs to SC.
I got 80% in X, but screwed it all up in 12th managing only 59.4%
Im curently pursuing btech computers, and my % till mow is above 70%.
I want to know that if i manage to get around 90%ile in CAT, will my 12th % will still be a barrier for me...
check the IIMB cut-offs:
my score....16..qa...34...di...VA (at least 22 and may go upto 27) total: 72-77....i am frm sc category....what are my chances....
Hey just wanted to know.....
Are there any OBC quota this year in IIMS ???
Gud enuf...you will get 6 calls...concentrate on GD nd PI...
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i will say..pretty gud chances..since ur split is gud..and overall ur percentile will be more than 90.......
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hello frnds. i hav scored 22 in QA, 31 in DI and 29 in EU. Kindly tell me my expected percentile and my chances of getting an IIM call as i m from SC quota. Waiting for ur replies.
you can search IIM-I GD experices for past years...
Also, you can later look into this years experience when the interviews starts this year.
Can somebody provide the info regarding the GD topics given by IIM-I last year. Also last to last year.
Does IIM-I follow a set pattern on GD topics like factual or abstract or case studies or is it a mix??
Pl. help
srinu.. Thanks for the info
Hey dude..
dnt wrry. next time time you wl also get 5 calls. bcos...
last year when i wrote the CAT my score was similar to your scores. 98/84/21 in di/qa/va.
but this time i spend more time on va section. still i was nt able to cross the 17% mark. Please note that is only for IIMA. For ...
Hey muralidhar
For those who got call frm IIMA will not get final selection. I mean after GD/PI they will select the cadidates who met the criteria. So some of the seats will be unoccupied.
And they should fill those vacant seats with the General cadidate students. That is the law(if i am n...
I am wondering what IIMA will do with the one ST seat remaining(out of 21 they have called only 20). I am sure the same will be the case with other IIMs too.
Will the remaining seats are left without suitable candidates or else added to the General catergory. It shouldn't go unoccupied as t...
d only reason u didnt get a call is cuz f VA...its der in d cat bulletin...
d cut-offs for short listingSC/ST/PWD candidates for gd n pi wud nt b less den 17%score in each f d 3 sections n nt less den 25%score in aggregate...
man u got 5 calls.i am at 89%ile overall.94/89/53 in di/qa/va
VA screwed me.bt still i shud hv got at least one call yaar.
mght be my past record is nt as gud as yours
sheel and bishwa it does not matters if u r not good at communication.howevr u should reasonably good.concentyrate on gd & pi.u had a good acads.and what about u sheel whats ur full name i also passed outr from iitd in 1996.also wrote cat this time.got a call from iimb
IIM-I GD/PI is on 30th march.so please help me regarding my query.
Hi evry 1
i am srinivas. i got 85.67 percentile. managed to get calls from all IIMs except A. i have work ex of 7 months. my comminucation is not that good.
my acads
Xth - 83.6
XIIth- 89.6
B.tech - 7.76(CGPA) from NITW.
i participated in extracurricural activities at my colg. ...
WHen is ur IIM-I GD/PI, in case it is in Delhi?