Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets : ICICI Bank alongwith NISM CAT & Related BSchools

ICICI Bank has partnered with National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) to launch Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets (PGCSM). The programme aims to create professionals such as Treasury dealers, Fund Managers, Analysts, Institutional Sales Professionals, and Investment Advisors...
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jeetu1234 thanks sneha . 10 Apr.
jeetu1234 what is the level of entrance exam n how to prepare for i.... 10 Apr.
B I U Post
Final Results are out it seems !

Guys I have received the selection mail. Anybody else received ?

Plz mention name & location tat you have given PI
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    Hi guys my friend just received a mail for the undertaking. Has anyone else received it too?
    Hi guys my friend just received a mail for the undertaking. Has anyone else received it too?
    swatinandy89 @anilkumargaud Yeah. 16 Apr.
    anilkumargaud Ok.they are calling ti people or only mail.. 16 Apr.
    Has anyone received mail after GD PI yet?
    anshul.scorpio anyone else from New Delhi selected?. 4d.
    mackonearth Congrats all!!!! . 4d.
    Hi Friends, I just now filled the OPQ upon a request of ICICI member. Kindly let me know how to cross GD PI of ICICI? Also when is it normally scheduled?.. Please respond me on rrishugupta@yahoo.com or 9958999792....or even this wall post...
    swatinandy89 @rrishugupta I don't have. A friend has tomorrow. . 10 Apr.
    rrishugupta @swatinandy89 Thanks ... @spandy142 have you any updat.... 10 Apr.
    Guys any info abt gd topics & interview pattern?
    uRmyBoss :( . 05 Apr.
    swatinandy89 @uRmyBoss Could you pls share your interview n GD exp? . 10 Apr.
    Results are out!
    messi11 How Will i know my result?. 08 Apr.
    swatinandy89 @messi11 If you have not received a mail means you are n.... 08 Apr.
    Admit card 2014 says calculator is allowed wherein the email from Icici says not allowed....2013batch ppl plz clarify....or NY 1who Hz appeared fr the test plz clarify????
    swatinandy89 Calc allowed . 31 Mar.
    spandy142 calc was not allowed in pune . 05 Apr.
    NY 1 cleared written test plz respond 2014
    sneha5 How was the test? Any sample questions if anyone can post.... 27 Mar.
    Neeraj2013 @sneha5 cool down its going to easy ....difficulty level.... 27 Mar.
    NY one cleared written test?plz give us sme tips
    swatinandy89 Results arent out yet . 31 Mar.
    mackonearth Ohh cool!! Thx n wish you the same. I dun have any link a.... 26 Mar.
    RohanSejpal @mackonearth hey could you please advise on the type of.... 27 Mar.
    Hi..Is there any sectional cutoff for individual sections in written exam...any idea
    Neeraj2013 strange ...this time der would be negative marking. 24 Mar.
    swatinandy89 @ravi9188 Could you pls share your GD n interview exp? . 10 Apr.
    Hi guys did any one gave test??? Plz tell what type of questions are coming and that to mainly in Financial markets session....
    sneha5 @pgupta1989 could you please attach the link of the pos.... 27 Mar.
    sneha5 Or if you could copy paste the message posted. Thanks. 27 Mar.
    is that booking link is working?? mine is not working.. ?? pls sugguest what to do??
    Neeraj2013 icicicareers@. 18 Mar.
    pk34 i got this reply from icici :: You would be intimated on .... 21 Mar.
    Guys I have apply for security market and even got auto generated mail . But whern I login I cant see any implementation stage for the same . can you please confirm ? and when is the last date for registration
    ravi9188 When is the last date for the slot booking??.... Anyone w.... 24 Mar.
    Neeraj2013 HR person tole me 30th ..dont know its abt xam last date .... 24 Mar.
    Please let us know who got confirmation mail for written exam
    pgupta1989 i got the mail today . but that link is not working..!! . 12 Mar.
    swatinandy89 I got the mail . 31 Mar.
    i am new to this group... i have been shortlisted for written exam.Please let me know the pattern for this exam.What ol they ask in financial awareness section.please provide me the sample papers if any.Also what i have to prepare for this .
    All responses are welcome.Thanks in advance
    pgupta1989 @alok6188 :refer to the previous post of this group jan .... 12 Mar.
    alok6188 @pgupta1989 i refered the post of jan 2013 but couldnt f.... 14 Mar.
    what is the last date to apply?
    Can anyone suggest what kind of questions are usually asked in aptitude test. Any recommendation on the study material that can be referred to..Will CAT pattern be suitable?
    pgupta1989 sample question paper is there in site -- posting you the.... 25 Feb.