Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets : ICICI Bank alongwith NISM CAT & Related BSchools

ICICI Bank has partnered with National Institute of Securities Markets (NISM) to launch Post Graduate Certificate in Securities Markets (PGCSM). The programme aims to create professionals such as Treasury dealers, Fund Managers, Analysts, Institutional Sales Professionals, and Investment Advisors...
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jeetu1234 thanks sneha . 6d.
jeetu1234 what is the level of entrance exam n how to prepare for i.... 6d.
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Ya guys lets wait for a day or 2 .. n let out nt freak out n spread rumours .. Chill man
28th the telephone operator(not HR) talkes of is about the final result. Written results are not yet out and the interview dates gonna be changed in accordance with written results. Hopefully written results will be given today Evng or by tomo. Chill out.
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Hi ,
What is your source that already they hav mailed the selected candidates?
can u give me HR no ???
I talked to HR, he said result will be declared by 28th now
havnt received nythin yet.. Anyne gt d result plz let us knw..
Any news abt results ??
Its already 20 & as per revised schedule GD-PI should start from 2marrow & yet results are not out. Anybody having HR contact nos then plz call them.
not yet out mostly on 20 th
Hii Bokaman
Could plz giv us gd topic in detail if u remember and are they chking fiancial exp as well or not as i hav 3 yes of IT exp so tht would be diff right
Just an fyi....our topic of GDP was a case study which provided us with the details of two companies in same line of business and we were supposed to evaluate them based on the given information and then decide if a loan could be given to any of those companies.
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Also have a look at icici bank website ( Personal Banking Services Corporate Banking Online Personal Banking in India | Business banking NRI Banking ICICI Bank )and get to know what it does and check if ICICI was in news for any reasons over last one year. And get a basic idea about a company...
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did results for icici leadership program in NISM for april 2012 are out ????? did any one receive SMS / mail. please post
Hey All

Gud to seee dat u all r done wid ur online tests n feelin confident abt clearing it too...

Now lies ahead the stage of GD/PI which is going to be a crucial one...

GD Topic - Since this is a securities markets course, a significant chance is dat the GD will be related to financial topics, as we had.So, do acquaint urself wid whatever new and current in da financial world.Also catch hold of some of the basic terminologies so dat u r not caught unawares wen the situation demands.

PI - For personal interview, the one and da most imp question dat will lie ahead of u will be "WHY THIS COURSE?". U must very very thoroughly prepare for dis as dis will shape the course of future questions dat will be asked from u. Further,confidence n knowledge shall take u thru...

Keep on discussing/posting for further details...All the Best...
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    Hi Alll
    Any idea about GD topics and PI Question , plz share
    Interesting stats. Still I have no idea on what basis puys were cald for written test.I have 3 yrs of ex. but still dint get shortlist for the written test.
    Anyhow, all the best who have made it to the written test.
    mayb seniors can share wt kind of topic was during d last Gd was it too technical ...or tips on d same...
    wow thts good news, and there is always possibility tht they hav revised the no, based on last year response. Good for all of us. (Fingers Crossed).
    But according to one of the seniors Last time also 600-700 ppl had applied and only 21 were given the final offer(I know it can always change from year to year) also shouldn't the GD process start from 20th according to the website?! Welcome to Our Site or have they again revised the dates?!
    Dear All,
    Today I had a talk with the HR assistants.The person said the result will be declared on 20th. 600 people got selected for the exam but 500 people attended. And 60% i.e. 300 people will be selected for gd/pi. And only 50 people max will be selected for the course............Now pls ...
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    letz hope d same...