PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings 2011 - The Results CAT & Related BSchools

Hi all,
Although the rankings was released well over two months ago, I am starting this thread here to make it accessible on the forums.
Link to 2011 PaGaLGuY Rankings - Home - PaGaLGuY B-school Rankings 2011
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How is the jaypee business school?
what is the lowest,avg and highest placement?
How is the faculty?
Please reply asap!
Have a great day!
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    hello sir
    i just want know that i have taken addmission in fiib in new delhi i had the options of iba,ifim . dint clear the christ pi.so i thought fiib is a good college
    i have talked to just 2 seniors plzz tell me hw good college is it ???? and i also want to know i have 55percent in 12...
    Hi Guys,
    I need some help.. can u please fill in the spreadsheet (regarding the choice of B-Schools)
    This would greatly help me in understanding the trends and plan accordingly. Please take your time.. I understand these are ...
    if you are about to take admission in any MBA college just keep this thing in mind just dont go by ranking just make sure that the college is providing every kind of facility to you along with that it also providing ROI to you or not...
    if you wanna know about the top MBA colleges of India you can check out the pagalguy b-school ranking for 2011.
    Lots of puys here are anxious here to know their approximate percentiles.
    Well here is a just a small indicator of the 2010 results(please remember this is just for info,the cut-offs could go higher...
    normalized ---- percentiles
    49.6 ---- 57.2
    63.6 ---- 75.89
    64.8 -...
    Very True!! IIMs don't require any rankings but they are given...NPTI is just like an IIM of Power Sector which seeks a little bit of attention. If NPTI is given consideration while preparing rankings, more of the students will come to know about it.
    there are few colleges which have there own brand name who does not require any ranking as they are have created a separate place for them..like IIM's they dnt need any rankings but they are given ranks on the basis of quality of education, placements, ROI provide to the students..
    Why National Power Training Institute is not being considered, when it comes to ranking...
    various magazines and sites gives ranking on the various basis like some gives ranks on the basis of infrastructure also on the basis of placements the college offers to its students i.e., every year ranking changes of various colleges..there are some other top colleges which does participate in ...
    can any one tell me how various sites and magazines gives ranking to various b-schools..what are there criteria of giving ranking to them..
    you can check out the pagalguy b-school ranking where you can find out the list of both MAT & CAT colleges..there are many other top b-schools also who does not participate in this ranking system..
    **** is a good college but there are many other colleges where you can apply for admission a part from ****...if you have got a call from the college just keep it on the hold and try to apply for admission in other colleges
    can any one tell me the top 10 ranking MAT colleges...
    they accept the score of both CAT & MAT..and a composite score of 500-600 for students who have given MAT exams..
    as per my knowledge MDI gurgaon and IILM institute for higher learning are one of the best colleges of india..but MDI only accept cat score where as IILM accept both MAT as well as CAT scores..
    a composite score of 500-600 is required to get admission in a good B-school..
    also can anyone tell me which are the best colleges of gurgaon and do they accept mat score or cat score only..
    my name is abhishek, I am a final year BBM student..I am about to give December mat exam can anyone tell me how much score in mat is required to get admission in a good B-school...
    I think mat composite score more than 600