ORD. JUNTA CAT & Related BSchools

hey guys..this is jignesh here..
like to tell myself to be like ord. junta.
meanin guys getting gr8 scores like 80+ in the simcats..
i would sure luv some help on increasing my attempt in ps and di
i am ok with english...n my accuracy is fine..my maximum scores have been around 67 n w...

Now that's what makes us different here doesn't it

rite on,allwin da pagal :!:

test us netime,jig:wink:

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yep..it'll be much easier 2 explain it with an example
Now that's what makes us different here doesn't it
sure jig..:P
jus post a problem n we'll b all tumbling upon each other to help ya..
rite ravi..
though speed kills up accuracy levels so much much that you are back to square one..
as far as maths is concerned i setainly need to look at som edifferent materials..
ims is not all that good for me in some topics..
hey can anyone help me out with haow to find the remaind...
Hi Jignesh.
I have the same problem, man ! Quant and DI r not my strong areas. The key is 2 improve ur speed in ur strenths and then devote that extra time 2 the area u feel u may b scoring below the cutoff. Try 2 improve calculation speed though !