Official Thread :: DMS, IIT Delhi Call Getters [2012-14] CAT & Related BSchools

Hi All,
The list of students called for the GD/ PI process at Department of Management Studies, IIT Delhi is officially out.
Please Check your results here:
@ All converts - Please join the facebook group - http://www.facebook.com/groups/33250...
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i dropped the mail at enquiry@dms mail id given in offer letter.
also called up vimal sir and confirmed it
had to call him almost 15 times before he finally picked up.
seriously ...this thread is dead ..dunno why..even on fb there is little presence.
did u drop a mail to ask for ur drafts or they send the confirmation mail by themselves.
I mistook it as 19th and booked a ticket on 17th.
That means i will land in delhi on 18th and if I do not get hostel accommodation then i am in trouble:(
This thread is so dead.
BTw, I received the confirmation of the receipts of my drafts
on website its mentioned orientation is on 20-July , where did u get this info abt orientation on 19th july.
hi seniors
the orientation is on 19th july.
however, can we come on 18th and get the hostel accommodation ?
how many days prior to 19th can we come ?
need to book rail tickets accordingly.
P.S : not getting tickets to come on 19th
i talked to vimal sir.he said that u hv to lose rs 13500.
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i am choosing iit delhi over mdi
though at mdi i am having merit number of 686
would probably get hr or im if i am lucky
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thanx..is there anyone choosing iitd over mdi or iitb??
let me do some loud thinking...... lets say total seats= 91+24 = 115
GEN seats = 58
GEN calls = 100
WL number around 60 means effective WL around 100.
some of my estimates: first waitlist movement around 30.
second movement around 15
third movement around 10
now what remains ...
there is another debopriyo then in NITIE list......
oh my bad,I tght dats u....
mine IIB w/l (latest) 188 and IITD w/l -72
no man didn't apply to NITIE/MDI (big mistakes) .... so far I don't have any converts with my CAT %ile, IIT B w/l 120 (latest), IIT D w/l 61, SIBM Pune convert, rest all rejected.
As per the documents of W/L the next list is expected after 23rd MAy.
btw debopriyo, u have converted NITIE na?
(Pls correct me if I m wrong)
i think it would be after 21st may.
i have received a mail to deposit fees till 21st.
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hi ,
When will the waitlist status change ?? or what is the process of knowing the waitlist movement .
hi nishant......
bhai ek doubt hai, when the waitlist start moving(if required) how will we come to know ?
email ?
pdf ?
direct offer letter at home ?
seniors....is there any possibilty of another waitlist for general category
i had a very decent interview but a poor gd
was surely expecting to be there in the waitlist as I think pi carries more weightage than gd
but not even there in the waitlist :(
plz reply seniors
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Hi Nishant,
Not able to see the link in the DMS website. could you kindly post the link here.
Thanks & Regards,
Hi all,
The Placement Report for the year 2012 is out.
Please visit the DMS website for the same.
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