[OFFICIAL] IIM RANCHI Discussions/Admission Queries [2013-2015] CAT & Related BSchools

Hi Everyone,
Greetings from Team Communiqué,Media PR Cell, IIM Ranchi!
We are glad to announce another season of admissions at IIM Ranchi for the batch 2013-2015.
The Media PR Cell of IIMR is a student run committee under the aegis of Student Council of IIMR. We handle a mandate of eno...
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panther1729 guys anyone got mail from IIM Ranchi ??. 21 May '13.
Josh321 @heyeri me too interested in knowing the details of the w.... 25 May '13.
B I U Post
@IIMRanchi : What was the last convert under waitlist for NCOBC in IIM Ranchi, 2013 batch?
IIMRanchi Please direct your query to the correct thread.. 03 Mar.
OA :- 91.6QA :- 65.8VA :- 98.08NC - OBC category10th :- 83%12th :- 77%b.tech (electrical and electronics) JNTUH :- 61.1%is there any chance of getting a call atleast from new IIMs??and any IITs?????please help me........
moti u will surely get call from new IIMs. IITB and IIT D is d.... 18 Jan.
hey i got a image mail fron iim( pgdmhr) it this some sort of initial shortlist or advertisement ..........
moti @Shilajit dude i m studying in IIM Indore Mumbai campus.... 18 Jan.
hlohia @rajsharma1 plz share the image!. 18 Jan.
OA- 88.2.. QA - 85.8.. VA- 85.9 ..10 - 89..12 - 86..grad - 73 from NIT..16 months exp in IT..OBC.. what calls should I expect?
parthyadav IIM I,K and new IIMs. 15 Jan.
IIMRanchi The OA cutoff for most new IIMs is 96.82%ile for General .... 15 Jan.
Seniors i am getting 28/50 in profile + cat score (98.74%ile)
remaining 50 from gdpi and wat...
what chances do i have to convert ?
what was the least %ile convert for GEM last year ??
sankit_gupta @Prachya I got N oa:91.88 va:85.7 and QA:92.32. GEM. Do .... 24 Jan.
vaibhav3453 @moti what would be the cut off for sc category bro..??.... 28 Jan.
OA: 80 percentile chncs fr pgdhrm or pgp??
vedneha1988 dont keep hopes, last yr I scored 88 % and still didnt ge.... 21 Jan.
lappami oh :( . 21 Jan.
What was the last year obc-cut off for pgdhrm course???
IIMRanchi @rahul950 Please refer to the PGDHRM thread of 2014-16 f.... 14 Jan.
What the minn cat percentile required for IIM if one has reservation under OBC???
Aditya1204 @ankur05 last year I got only IIM KP call with 79%tile, .... 12 Nov '13.
ankur05 Aditya1204 that's olright but i have graduated this year .... 12 Nov '13.
Hi..I have a query..I knw it doesnt exactly pertain to IIM Ranchi & its way too late to ask but still I would feel relived to get an answer, while filling the CAT form, in the University/Institution & Discipline column, I had clicked on the options "others" as I am a Fashion Design Student and...
amitdkool dude if your form was successfully submitted, it means ev.... 08 Oct '13.
IIMRanchi If your form was submitted successfully, then there would.... 09 Oct '13.
What kind of reservations does IIM ranchi have to SC ST? Someone please guide me.
IIMRanchi IIM Ranchi follows the Affirmative Action Policy as per t.... 09 Oct '13.
Hi guys,Could anybody help me with this question ?
A n sided polygon has 5 different types of diagonal, Find n ?
Mukund_Dev 8?. 12 Nov '13.
IIM Ranchi PGDHRM Phase 4Fee paidWhen can I expect confirmation?
Diyas3 CAn we expect more phases?. 18 Jun '13.
Any one IIM Ranchi PGDHRM Phase 3!!!!
IIM Ranchi website is presently announcing a Phase 3 of PGDMHR results!! Has anyone here recently got mails from the institute for getting selected for PGDMHR?
papun92 hmm yeah ..all the best to u :) . 14 Jun '13.
nokia77 @papun92 okay same to you :D . 14 Jun '13.
RogueAssasin IIM L ABM. 17 Jun '13.
sahilchhabra89 L. 17 Jun '13.
Someone please let me know the procedure to withdraw from IIM Ranchi.
aspirant8 btw..i m a behen not a bhai :) . 08 Jun '13.
amitdkool @hritik.sharma trolled.!!!:P:P. 08 Jun '13.
till when can we withdraw d admission...? can we withdraw it after 13th ? and in dat case..will we get d 1 lakh - 10,000 back ...? @IIMRanchi ..n others plzzz help !!
Hi Seniors, I want to withdraw my admission from IIM Ranchi as my waitlist got cleared in IIM Indore. Please clarify my doubt regarding withdrawal process... 1. Do I need to sent the withdrawal form by post or I can just mail them. 2. In how many days I will get my money back. Many thanks in adv...
abishai @IIMRanchi pls help. 06 Jun '13.
shadowwarrior i am no official to help u out on this...but a piece of a.... 07 Jun '13.
@IIMRanchi Are there going to be any more lists for IIM Ranchi PGDMHR, or is the 2nd phase the last one? Kindly reply.
ashishkumar1409 @Prachya sir i had mailed the admissions office regarding.... 12 Jun '13.
Dreamyboys No more shortlists? is this end of my IIM dream?. 13 Sep '13.
hello.. Can anyone tell me if it's possible for me to join on 14th/15th May? .. M serving my company's notice period and won't be released soon.. .. I have read the annexures which say I need to take prior permission.. But whenever I call IIM Ranchi they put me on an indefinite hold.. x-( .. Sen...
unrealheart4mba @Prachya @bhavana21 according to the PDF there will be n.... 04 Jun '13.
Prachya @unrealheart4mba @bhavana21 Then its well and good . 04 Jun '13.