[OFFICIAL] AIMCAT 1303 Discussion Thread (Please DON'T OPEN if you have not taken the test) CAT & Related BSchools

24th - 30th September
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Slot Booking started
All the best !!
PS : Please post your access codes if you have used any for the exam for people who cannot go to test centers. Thanks.
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@kartikv1 I had 15 mins left for LR, and cricket waala was the only one I could see. I did not even have time to look at other sets and see which one was easiest. And in 15 mins, I could only mark the first question, and a fluke in the second question. I had some VA questions unattempted that w...
And yes its definitely gonna be raining 140+s in this paper... can some1 edit the poll to create a 140-150,150-160,160+ options
@RoadKill i think one was better off doing more of VARC in this sec2, because the LR sets were tough and timeconsuming, esp the Cricket one. I got stuck to that set and never left it, big gamble, hence could not look at 3-4 questions of sec2.
QADI - 29A 23C - 63 VALR - 20A 18C - 52 OA - 115.
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QA/DI --- 22C 1W -- 65 VA/LR --- 16C 7W -- 41OA -- 106 very happy as i crossed 100 for the first tym .. sec 1 was comparable to the prev 2 aimcats .. and i modified my strategy in sec 2.. attempted the LR first .. but alas .. it was time consuming .. then went for RC .. read the questions first ...
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Severe moments in both sections. Spent way too much time in VA and RC, resulting in 15 mins left for all of LR! Flashback of the way I used to screw up VALR in my first few mocks. I did exactly 1 question in the 2/3 LR sets (don't even know how many the paper had ), and marked a fluke in anot...
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Again an easy QA, happy with the accuracy. One DI set was lengthy but once writing out the table made it easy. Expecting the Gods to score 90, and demi-gods too
A tough LR set in Verbal made life harder, had to breeze thr...
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@thegodfather321 Bravo!! 118 without 2 LRs.
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QA 67VA 33OA 100..... Yaar ye time vale LR me kya check karna chahte h...................CL's VA is much much better than TIME................RC i can understand coz last yr cat me baht tuff aaye the...........huh........
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booking has started but no hare street dis tym
Converts'12:IIM I,Rai,ro,t,u,IIFT D  REJECTS '12:XLRI(BOTH),IIM K,T,S,Ran IIM INDORE BATCH OF 2015
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    itz sec-1=55(20C 5W(can't believe 5wrongs))sec-2=17(Due to Toughest LR sets&no; expectations frm VA & RC) oa=72
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    @priyadmehta i called back to TIME center and they said that , slot booking will be started by today EOD.
    @thegodfather321 sir maine bhi 2 LR set attempt nhi kare.. cricket wala aur direction wala
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    @priyadmehta No ... I am facing the same problem . Whichever center i choose , it says "slots not decided yet" . Testing window is already open i guess. I called up TIME center , they gave me no. of concerned person . Will call him in some time
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    OA - 43 attempted -38 correct - 109Sec 1 - 26 attempted - 23 correct - 66Sec 2 - 17 attempeted - 15 correct - 43
    First tym such a high accuracy in VA and that too when i haven't attempted 2 LR sets..
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    Check the AIMCAT Tweaking Thread. Codes have been posted there by season4. :D
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    anyone please post the access codes !!!
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    Is anybody frm kolkata centre able to book slots for 1303?they r still saying slots not decided
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    I guess i am the first one to post.My scores:OA___50A___42C___118Sec1___26A___23C___66Sec2___24A____19C___52
    Again, a very easy section1. expecting a lot of high scores here. english was generally easy with a little tricky RC's here and there. the best part was that i could not attempt two LR ...
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