[Official] 2014-16 IIM Kozhikode Stage-1 Shortlist CAT & Related BSchools

Greetings from the Media Cell of IIM Kozhikode! IIM Kozhikode has declared the Stage-1 shortlist. Kindly register online for stage II (WAT/PI) shortlist.Congratulations to all the shortlisted candidates!You can direct all your further queries about the process to this thread. The link for submiss...
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Pape I didn't get the remainder mail from IIM-k, must have lan.... 27 Jan.
ipsita.iimk @Pape Sorry, registrations are closed and 2nd stage shor.... 28 Jan.
Hi IIMK Is final shortlist out? I added the details for first shortlist and now when I enter my details in the portal it says you are not shortlisted... Is it because the final shortlist have not come?
ams08 1st shortlist is out but not the 2nd.The window is still .... 23 Jan.
ipsita.iimk Only the 1st stage shortlist is out. Registration for 2nd.... 23 Jan.
We are getting a lot of similar queries.Request you to please go through the thread before posting your queries. Also find below answers to some of the common queries.
1. Convert your cgpa to % as per the conversion factor followed by your institute/university.You will also need a proof of the...
stuff4abhi please make this as sticky note. 24 Jan.
Can anyone please tell if we need to submit the original NC-OBC certificate at the time of interviews? Or the photocopy would do, because that would require me to get multiple certificates made for each call in case just photocopy won't be enough?
Sneha52 You will be provided all the details of the certificates .... 23 Jan.
Harsh_Yadav @navin_k They will take only the photocopy during PI but.... 23 Jan.
Guys !! while I was reading one of the posts, I could sense a certain kind of confusion on whether the percentage of top 5 subjects (10th and 12th) were to be considered for filling up the cat form or of all the subjects mentioned in the marksheet. I know nothing can be done now but the candidate...
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sahgar let bygones be bygones man.... i think we can send a mail.... 24 Jan.
DMFC Hi... I have done the same. Fortunately, mine is dropping.... 28 Jan.
@IIM-Kozhikode @Sneha52 @ipsita.iimk
Hello,I have a doubt in monthly remuneration entry. If we write the gross salary of the payslip, it will be excluding bonus. How do I include the bonus component? Bonus makes a substantial part of my CTC.Thanks!
ipsita.iimk Mention your gross salary as per the payslip without the .... 23 Jan.
@IIM-Kozhikode- Also I have still not left my job but the employment details page has the option of only filling the date. There is no option of currently working. So what to do ?
ipsita.iimk Mention the end date as 31/01/2014.. 23 Jan.
@IIM-Kozhikode HELLO - The academic records page is asking for % of every year but in our college when the final % is calculated we can leave 3 subjects in that. So in the degree the total % is 2-3 % points higher than average of the 4 years. My doubt is shall I remove the subjects and then write...
ipsita.iimk You can follow your college rules as long as you have wri.... 23 Jan.
can anyone throw some light on the tentetive GD/PI schedule for IIM-K? atleast bast on the previous year trends. thanks!!
Harsh_Yadav Last year it started from mid Feb.. 23 Jan.
hunknik ok thanks man. 23 Jan.
I had duly filled up my form for the shortlisting process for stage-2 (bearing SR-9269026). But apparently, the details for the masters program is not being shown when I view my personal data from now. It is showing this message:"Query failed:You have an error in your SQL syntax; check the manual...
Sneha52 We will get back to you. Your details would have been suc.... 23 Jan.
Dr.Quant It has been taken care of since the link reopened i guess.... 23 Jan.
Any idea when will the Stage 2 list be out????
dither26 what could be the cut off for the second list. 23 Jan.
Sneha52 Difficult to predict cut-offs due to criteria change this.... 23 Jan.
I have a certificate from exam section of my college stating that the college doesn't have any conversion formula for cgpa. so should I enter CGPA*10 or just CGPA? @ipsita.iimk
ipsita.iimk You need to convert the CGPA into percentage. If there is.... 22 Jan.
Sneha52 Also try to get a document stating the used conversion fa.... 23 Jan.
Can someone please let me know the tentative date for the Personal Interview, because though I live in Mangalore but Feb last two weeks I would be in Delhi and I am not able to decide which one to take up as the Interview Centre. If not the tentative date at least knowing the days withi...
ipsita.iimk The interview dates have not been decided yet. Admissions.... 22 Jan.
Sneha52 Last year the interviews started in mid feb and continued.... 23 Jan.
When I filled my CAT form, I gave my CGPA simply as CGPA*10...but now I have found out that my university does indeed have a %age conversion method...although the percentage is not mentioned in any of the marksheets and the degree certificate, the conversion is only for the DGPA (I am a final yr ...
d_bh @ipsita.iimk do i need to mail the admissions office to .... 22 Jan.
ipsita.iimk You can enter the correct marks in the 'percentage as of .... 22 Jan.
Hi, I made a mistake by interchanging my SSC HSC detailsin CAT form, boards are also interchanged and there is a column space stating "IF your board is different specify". I have mailed them before, so should I write anything over there?
queen18 @Sneha52 ..??. 22 Jan.
Sneha52 @queen18 : Specify the board in the space provided. If y.... 22 Jan.
Since many people have approached the admissions office and seniors regarding normalization process, I would like to reiterate that there is NO NORMALIZATION policy followed by IIMK this year. Also, doubts regarding the selection procedure and category related certificates will be clarified after...
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ipsita.iimk @nelansrik Scaled scores from both sections will be cons.... 25 Jan.
SaiKriss @ipsita.iimk Thats awesome! I got rejected by A and L ly.... 25 Jan.
Am I the only one or does everyone have to 'save and submit' again eveyrtime you log in?Please confirm
tsingh i logged in to post the same query.... did you puys fill .... 22 Jan.
ipsita.iimk This is the same for everyone. The 'save and submit' butt.... 22 Jan.
Dear puys, how old a NC-OBC certificate is generally acceptable by the iims??I mean, 1 yr, 2yrs, how much old a certificate does the iims generally demand??In reality, it is generally not possible to get a NC-OBC certificate issued almost every year.so how old a certificate is normally accepted??...
ipsita.iimk You will be informed about the rules regarding certificat.... 22 Jan.
sushant9192 Caste certificate you get only once, but NCL certificate .... 23 Jan.


Please let me know if anyone has idea when the IIM Kozhikode second shortlist will be out?


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I had a technical question regarding the Stage-1 registration. I already submitted my details prior to the 18th and now the dates have been extended. I submitted my profile again after having filled all the fields out. However, every time I log out and log back in, the details are still in the 'n...
tsingh @Burgeoned the problem is continuing....tried from chrom.... 22 Jan.
ipsita.iimk You don't have to worry about this. Once you click on sub.... 22 Jan.
Siddhu2104 results will be out on 26th . 22 Jan.
ipsita.iimk Please refrain from posting anything other than IIMK admi.... 22 Jan.