[Official 2012-2014] SPJIMR Immersion Shortlist and Related Discussions CAT & Related BSchools

Hey puys congratulations on being called for Immersion Program at SPJIMR for admission to 2012-2014 batch :cheerio::cheerio:
All of us are One more step closer to Final Convert [smiley] [smiley]
Please use this thread to discuss about further process..
Kindly mention the following deta...
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Thanks for the info.....can someone also quote about 2010-2012 batch....to make better estimate about the waitlist movement.....
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W/L 14 for Operations.....Any hopes????
in for operations... but the best part is.. its resignation time... :D
cudnt attend immersion.. so finally i get proof that immersion is optional.. had been rejected last year aftr immersion call... congrats to all other call getters...
Got through !!
SPJ Marketing it is ..
I'm in...Operations.
Guys and Puys.
Congrats to all selected.
All the best to all waitlisted.
But above all Thank You for being there in this thread.
A question to seniors.
Could you please throw some light on the Pre-Foundation course.
What will students be tested on?
Rejected again...... 2 yrs bck 2 bck
jst one query / complaint
arre itne log immersion k liye bulate hi kyu ho jab WL tak mein number nhi aata....
Plz cal just final / WL from next year...
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Thik hai yaar, tried level best! Should have been selected nahi hua to doesn't matter and listen to this:
Dil Aakhir Tu Kyu Rota Hai by Farhan Akhtar on Zindagi Na Milegi Dobara - Free Music Streaming, Online Music, Videos - Grooveshark
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I understand dude! I had SP Jain *only* to bank upon! And I am trying very hard to be objective. Sometimes you have to pick up your bag and move on, telling yourself that the road ahead has a better restaurant (cut out for you) or that it is going to be exciting in some other way or that the dest...
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This thread has now become an addiction..
Its hard for me to say goodbye to this thread and sp jain
Even after realizing that i am not there even in WL , i cant stop myself from coming to this thread again and again
this is my last post out here...
Best of l...
Bhai we cant blame anyone... bas it feels bad when somebody says i hadnt really given it a shot but i got thru and you tend to think who i am, a fool?? (entirely personal (and emotional) opinion, not directed at anyone... peace...)
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Dude, 20k + applications for 180 seats with very little to separate the ones selected from the 650 odd that are called for Immersions. The dirty words (in this context) called "probability" and "luck" come into the picture any day. Blame it on our country's over sized population and the equally p...
In Continuation
SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
The above link gives the sixth waitlist movement. Hope that will give you some peace!
Anyhow, this speculation is waste!
Lets hope maximum people get a chance to get in their desired B-Schools this year
@ sachingodhai,
lets not attach motives .... where there could be none
sorry bro, i believe it is !!! coz i saw a person with 46 as the WL number
and they have given WL till 50 ... it would be hard to cross it !!
Sp jain rejected me ...:(... congrats to call getters
When ur abilities start producing negative results for others...its better to do something more productive :)
A query on the thread better b answere by the people whom it was asked to...
all the best to u too :)
No waitlist no means its d end ryt???????
Sum1 plz answer n shatter d little hope that i have plz
So much so for hard work.... Wanted this one like anything but after an awsome interview and a good profile, all i can read is Rejected.. There are ppl who will say "you will get something else, destiny has something better for you blah blah..." but all that i know as of now is- I dnt care since ...
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Nope..just an outlook that makes me wanna help people to the best of my abilities. :)
Wish you the very best!
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