[Official 2012-2014] SPJIMR Immersion Shortlist and Related Discussions CAT & Related BSchools

Hey puys congratulations on being called for Immersion Program at SPJIMR for admission to 2012-2014 batch :cheerio::cheerio:
All of us are One more step closer to Final Convert [smiley] [smiley]
Please use this thread to discuss about further process..
Kindly mention the following deta...
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Congratulations to all who have converted the calls ! :)

Please continue here for further discussions http://www.pagalguy.com/forum/cat-and-related-discussion/79920-spjimr-2012-2014-final-converts.html

All the best!
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Right Spirit dude!!
Looking at your profile it further asserts what @Slayer once said in final selection GI's play a very decisive role.. I dont want to start a discussion on this topic as i know Reject from an insti like SPJIMR hurts and that too after reaching immersion..
This piece of in...
Still finding it difficult to get over my Sp jain reject
For all Selected and Waitlisted candidates :
MainList and WaitList Tracker for SPJIMR Batch of 2012-2014
Kindly update your details in this google doc..
It would be very helpful for all the puys to track the movements..
Have created 4 sheets for 4 specialisations so check once befor...
Same Question! Has Anyone with 18 months - 2 years Work Ex converted IM?
I beg to differ regarding 10th n 12th marks playing a vital role..I had a 90% in 10th and 93% in 12th..and with a profile based call in OPs..3.5 years of work-ex in power sector, and with average GIs, I felt I would at least get a waitlist No....but was shocked to see the reject..Feeling so very ...
Yeah true but already there were rejections at g-1 and immersion.So after clearing 2 rounds one hopes for it:)
And as mentioned by you it will be great to know where we stand:)
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I'll agree to it, people deserve a merit number. But look at all the other institutes as well, they don't give as merit number to everyone either. Some people are selected, some are waitlisted, and that's it, no other merit numbers are give.
But yes, it would be great if everyone knew where he...
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Agreed but one is talking about a merit number here..so one has the right to voice an opinion/suggestion..one can never feel what it feels to be rejected after a hope..but that is ok..but a waitlist number even its near impossible to convert can give an idea about where one stands.Hope you get th...
The letter of Immersion clearly mentioned that only 180 people out of 500+ will actually make it to the institute. It also said that getting an immersion call in no way indicates any future prospects of converting the call. So, when you went for the immersion, you went AFTER knowing all these fac...
If I am not even waitlisted, then why was i called for immersion? Only so that we would be hurt more on being rejected!!!!! wasn't it better to reject at the time of emmersion itself? I think all those who were rejected deserve an answer for this question. And if the people at spjain have no answ...
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I was going through last year's SP jain converts and found that people were being called for admission even in the month of june.
If this is the case can we assume that those people who ha...
With all due respect to SPjain,i would suggest that it atleast gives a waitlist number to all the applicants who are called for immersion.
I do not see any sense as to why one shall be called for immersion if one is even not entitled for a merit number.
A sincere request to the adcom member...
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How many candidates have been waitlisted for marketing???
As for IM, has anyone with less than 2 years of experience converted...?
Selected - Operations
Congrats to all who got through including me...
Great chance...last year it went around 27-28 for Ops
No.....The above stats are true for last year batch....I've checked the same on spjimr web site....couldn't find for 2010-2012 batch though!!!
Below is the link:
SPJIMR - SP Jain Institute of Management & Research, Mumbai
That's not true dude.. Research on your own.