NITIE - 2009-2011 Admissions Queries CAT & Related BSchools

Pls shoot your queries about the admission process at NITIE. Pls feel free to ask any other doubts that you might have about NITIE.

PS : have been getting a lot of queries about the admission process at NITIE. Since there is some time for the NITIE applications to be out i thought i could delay the process of opening a thread for some time. But i guess now instead of answering queries haphazardly, it would be nice if we gave it a structure using a thread.

PS 2 : Pls find the NITIE notification in this post

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No doubt that NITIE is facing some problems..thats why
it is takin so much time.
But none can deny the fact that NITIE is not communicating with the applicants in a proper way.
This applies to Admissions committee,not to the seniors.<...
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any updates on the list of candidates shortisted for GDPI?
Hi Seniors
I have just realized that I have made a big mistake not going through the NITIE website carefully after the CAT results were declared.
I have updated my cat score and details in the online form just few days after the results were declared. However I missed the that part which sa...
no news again....today a lady at nitie told me(on phone) that the results will be out by 4-5pm this evening...but i see no sign..
dhal gaya din....tock
ho gayi shaam...tock....
Thats right.. Thanks a lot for keeping us updated..
Thanks Chop Suey. Your response on NITIE thread is always very quick and you reply to each and every question. That's really very helpful.
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only if i knew the exact date for sure my friend...
we have been in constant touch with the admissions department to try and get the list out ASAP...but thats the most we can do...i just hope the wait ends soon...
PS : the number of thanks to your post is a testimony to the amount of anguis...
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Hi to all NITIE people here
I sincerely thank you so very much for the work that you people are doing for helping future aspirants like me. I understand that you might not be getting any academic credits or anything, and you might be doing it purely for generosity reasons with a noble objectiv...
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An industry sponsored candidate is the one who's fees for an MBA course is borne by his/her company. In most cases, these candidates are bound to return to their employers to work for at least a fixed number of years. These details are laid down in an agreement signed by the employee and the empl...
What is meant by industry sponsored candidates? What are the prerequisites for that?
Wats the purpose of speculating and postin...Since past 1 week or so...this thrd has become a victim to spammin...No offence but most of the posts are frm Newbie's...
Guys plz hold on ur horses...else Mods will close this thrd...and tht will aggravate the anxiety...So juz wait for formal resul...
Online application link has been removed from the website. Most probably, results will be declared soon. Lets keep our fingers crossed. :new_Llol:
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hey senior puys...
any hope of list today??
or will it be declared tomorrow??
this sounds great.. now lets hope that nitie comes out with the list as soon as possible..
as per what info i have received from the admissions office the GD/PI dates shall be announced with the call list so you should get sufficient time to plan your travel...
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Please don't spread Rumors ... We r already tense and wait is getting too long 4 the result...
All the best t everyone!!!!
Hey Chop Suey, Thanks for the info..
Also could you please confirm if the exact date for interview will also be intimated to the selected candidates, along with the list??
(In order to plan the travel accordingly and avoid clash with other instis..)
Thanks and Regards..
Just called ip NITIE office...they said list wud be out either by today evening or by tomo evening for sure...
so lets keep our fingers crossed..
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yups today at around 11
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today u called up