NIBM Pune "Application to Admission" 2012-2014 batch CAT & Related BSchools

Hello Aspirants,

: to the Official Admissions thread for NIBM Pune for the batch of 2011-13!!

Its that time of the year again! Its time to prepare for the Examination season ahead. The time has come to gear up for admission process @ NIBM Pune.


Got questions, apprehensions?? Want advice, clarifications?? Don't worry Puys.. We are here to help you in the best possible way.

We assure to answer all your queries regarding admission in NIBM Pune.

For 2011-2013 aspirants,you can have a look at the earlier threads also to know more about NIBM.....

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Thank you
National Institute Of Bank Management, Pune
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missed by 0.46 %ile. hard luck.
How many applications received this year? How many students called for gdpi?
der lagi aane me tumko, shukr hai fir bhi aaye to..
aas ne dil ka sath na chhoda, thoda hum ghabraaye to...
Hi Seniors
its good to hear about 100% placement within just 2 days.
Can smone plz tell the avg. pkg offered ?:clap:
and one more question:- i believe NIBM is a good institute,but why cut-offs are so low in 80.xx ?:-o
hoping for a quick reply
seniors plz give us some gyaan what all topis to cover for gd-pi.
What would be the tentative dates for GDPI?
All applicants of the Post Graduate Programme in Banking and Finance (PGPBF), who have a total percentile of 80.29 or above in CAT 2011 are short-listed for GDPI. Individual call letter is being sent by post. Centre-wise list of candidates with the dates and venue for GDPI will be put up on the...
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gdpi cut off out at 80.29 percentile overall..posted on the website..NIBM India..
2 2
why they are taking so much time??
bas aur nahi yaaaaar....
ye to emotional atyachaar hai...:banghead:
seniors said that they will confirm about the shortlist date...:|
was replying to ques answered above.
guys calm down...
fine let me reveal u guys which i was not supposed to..
Some banks like Allahabad bank & Union Bank explicitly mentioned that dey need 60% in grads... and none of the banks mentioned it bt they needed 60% above from ur PG course.. so once u finished landing in smethng unde...
Thanks for understanding my concern and yes hope everyone gets a call and convert
dude,i think u need to be calm here. i see that he has asked this like 2 3 times but its a genuine concern for him.its about his life and this time he is asking when the report is out and avg,highest and lowest is nowhere mentioned in the placements.
and regarding what u said in the bolds:
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As i said sorry if anyone found it annoying...sometimes a person scoring less than 60% like me can be an ass
Dude whats your problem. he has cleared that there are students with less thn 60% and placements are 100% for this year and all the banks in the placement report are very much reputed large banks it is clear that there are banks which are recruiting people with less thn 60%.let me clear you in an...
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Students securing less than 60% in graduation where not eligible for how many banks and which banks?
This isnt answered as one of the senior said placement are going on and will answer once it gets over......
sorry if you found my earlier post irritating or annoying but i need to be sure th...
check it out dude.. Placements 2010-12..
it wil be out very soon..
this question is already answered two or three times.. please take the pain to refer to previous posts..
salary for ll scale 2 is as per IBA guidelines, Scale 2 salary without differentiation..
Seniors can u please tell us about the median,highest, lowest salary its our lives that's on sword