MBA field of specialization/courses CAT & Related BSchools

Hi frenz
as we all gear up for MBA very few ppl know what are all the available courses(like me) ...
Can anyone please tell what are all different courses that we can opt for.AFAIK we have finance,marketing,HR,operation management
Please discuss the various aspects of different courses...
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hey guyz cn ne1 plz suggest what specialization course shud i go 4 in ma last yr f mba .....ma interests r um very ceative:D,i hate number crunchin,,i gel up well with strangerz n i noe i can neva convince ne 1....acc.to all dis cn nebdy suggest me wht specialisation course shud i go 4
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HI frens it would be really helpful if u can also throw some light on what kind of job profile that specialization will lead to..
Well, just to throw light on what IIT Madras offers in the MBA prog--> Its a dual degree course i.e. min you can choose two specialisation in the 2nd year, else you can choose the best subjects from the various fields.
Specialisations offered here are:
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@ krish
Thanks for the Gyaan.
But I have a lingering doubt.. If u do not have General Management as a specialization, where are the courses like Strategy, Decision Making, and some others fall..
I knew about it that IIMs do not mention specialization as such in the certificate and it is ...
No specialization per se at IIMB....take up any course from any stream that interests u.... wanna do some prep before joining a b-school? Actually nothing much needed,... but in case u r very enthu, u could read up some Financial Accounting related stuff in case u'v not had it in ur undergrad...o...
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General Management is not a seperate specialization. If you take 2-3 courses from each specialization, u get what is called a General Mgmt degree. IIMs also have specialization in Economics.
Infact, the concept of specialization is somewhat vague in the IIMs. Some IIMs require minimum credits ...
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Here are a few old links that might help:
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All the subjects in the MBA streams are divided into six streams: -
1. Finance & Accounting
2. HR & Organizational Behavior
3. Systems & Information Technology Management
4. Operations
5. Marketing & Sales
6. General Management & Strategy
The first year consists of core cours...
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Double Post..
Good initiative! Hope to get suggestion from all seniors as we have got during GD PI..
Moreover, I would like to know about the pedagogy of B schools in general. I mean how much do we have study from books..what about case studies..etc.
Do we need to have some pre-study before joining the c...