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1.Which sections should I attempt first? 2.How much should I worry about Normalization?3.Nearly a month left, shoul...
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is Alliance college banglore worth studying into and paying such huge fees for it???can neone please help me???
abhinav_ams Don't go for alliance it is not a very good college... 21 Jan.
@whitefanng Kindly post your queries here
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Hi All,
I have been taking a few CAT mock test series. In the Quant section, I have been scoring between 50-65 depending on the difficulty of the mocks. I hope to improve with more practice. However, I have been unable to score well in the verbal section. I have been scoring only between 30-45...
How do i increase my speed in quant??
Through analyzing my AIMCATs i get to know that i m pretty slow, and in order to increase my speed i end up committing silly mistakes ,so, the qa score looks like 15,16 correct and 4-5 incorrects.
If i don't rush i would be attempting around 15-16 questions which are anyway not enough.
I can do it but time pressure eats my score up all the time.
Please help me, as, i look to maximize my scores in qa/di
CAT2013- 94.03 :(
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  • IMI.NewDelhi @kpsg In such scenarios i used to first scan all the questions, and most of the times it happened that during scanning itself i used to filter out questions that i thought were easy. Because it hardly is the case that only tough questions are there in the set.
    So once done with the easy questions you start getting confidence that you can do it. Your mind opens up after that initial confidence that you have gained while attempting easy questions first. In the process you have saved a lot of time also. Once you are done with the easy part, you will have enough time for the tougher questions.
    But yes for all this you will have to give a minute or two initially in scanning all the questions properly.

    - Somya Kaila, PGDM 1st year

  • kpsg ok thanks.
    i would try that, seems beneficial if i master the scanning thing.
    And what about reading speed in RCs??
    I read slow as well. I have read about many reading techniques some of them summarizing as to not read the words in your mind but rather scan 3-4 words in one go, understand their meaning and so on, but i completely fail in this technique, no comprehension at all until i read the full passage in my mind, as a result one RC=10 minutes.
    so should i be slow and have a idea of solving just two RC's or should i look to increase reading speed??

    Another question is i get around 80-90 percentiles in mocks (AIMCATs) occasionally got 90+ as well and considering i have 46 days left, do you think i have a chance to enter that prestigious 99+ window?????
  • IMI.NewDelhi @kpsg Well Kamalpreet as far as reading speed is concerned you will have to read a lot. When you read a lot you tend to cover more things in less time. So say e.g. if you were targeting to read in a 'particular time period' during the day '5 articles', take it up to '7' now. Challenge yourself. Read more and more. Initially you will feel that you are reading more but you are not getting what you are reading, but with time you will realize that not only you are reading more but also you are comprehending better.
    Better comprehension skills come only through sheer practice, there is no easy way out. And also reading habit developed now will stay with you forever and it will help you in the longer run.
    So just keep working on it.
    And for sure if you are aiming that 99+ club then you will have to increase the speed and maximize your attempts.
    Also if you are consistently scoring in the late 80s and early 90s then definitely you can get 99+ in the CAT but for that you will have to increase the intensity now for the rest 46 days, and dont lose focus even if you end up getting low scores in any of the upcoming mocks. Just keep your confidence up. Because sometimes when you are trying a new strategy in mocks it happens that you end up getting lower scores (dont forget that you got a lower score because you were trying a new strategy).
    So keep at it. All the best!!!!
  • kpsg thanks a lot :)

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    Hi Team,
    My overall percentiles vary between 85 to 90.
    Please help me to devise a good strategy in this last month so that i stand a good chance to get a percentile above 99.
    IMI.NewDelhi @shefa For Economics and global affairs i would suggest.... 23 Sep '13.
    shefa thanks a ton!! :) . 24 Sep '13.
    Any material to recommend for improving RC's ? Like inference type question,author view
    And does F I J (Facts , Inference,Judgements ) still comes ?
    IMI.NewDelhi @vaibhavmahe I studied from the package (reading materia.... 23 Sep '13.
    vaibhavmahe Thanks Somya kaila !! . 23 Sep '13.
    Hello Team IMI,
    I want to know how to maximise the score in verbal.. May time in RC i am able to reduce to 2 options.. but fail to judge between them.. Moreover my speed is slow.. IN can attempt only
    15 in quant and 14 with 65% accuracy.. What to do sir to change it ?
    vaibhavmahe thanks Neelesh . 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @vaibhavmahe Score in any section can be maximised only.... 23 Sep '13.
    my marks are always fluctuating in all the mock exams. my doubt is whether can i master some topics (in quants) which i know or learn only the concept in all the topics (quants)??? brother and also give me some tips to score in RC.
    muhil1990 @IMI.NewDelhi : thank you :) . 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @muhil1990 Welcome :) . 23 Sep '13.
    hey brother, you need to assess the exact reason of your scoring less.....is it the skills that u lack or the focus and discipline( as in my case) for the former problem you gotta be up for more and more back breaking sessions of practicing the basics and also revisiting the basic concepts....on ...
    anub007 Indeed i have lost peace of mind i gotta get myself toge.... 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @rajan30 As you said your VA and DI are weak, try to com.... 23 Sep '13.
    hey, I've been giving mocks quite regularly, but the score has been fluctuating since the beginning. If there are some topics that I feel i revise the basics for again, would you advise me to do that? Also, some tips to score better in LR?
    IMI.NewDelhi @vibhuuuu Yes Vibhu, am sure you are going to do really .... 23 Sep '13.
    vibhuuuu Thanks again! Much appreciated! . 23 Sep '13.
    I am not scoring much in mocks .How should actually i plan so that i can increase my score. VA is quiet weak and DI as well . What should be my strategy for the upcoming month ??
    IMI.NewDelhi @rajan30 As you said your VA and DI are weak, try to com.... 23 Sep '13.
    hi guys i knwo this might sound a bit strange but last year i gave CAT and scored a 99.2% in VA section by just attemting 13 ques and i am guessing all 13 were correct....i.e 100% accuracy atleast in that section...could someone please explain me the logic that may have led to such an unexpected ...
    anub007 i aint that sure but i on my part did all correct but i w.... 23 Sep '13.
    Sumantkrawat @ananyboss . 24 Sep '13.
    Hii,Everyone could you give some tips to get in to the rcs well because it has been troubling me.What's the way to get in to the 2nd section of cat.
    DJagaddev Thank you.Good luck for future.. 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @DJagaddev Welcome. All the best for your exams. - Somy.... 23 Sep '13.
    Getting 80-85%tile in CL mocks...how much can I expect in CAT ?
    QA - moderate (take too much time in reading and interpreting ques. )
    DI - weak (weak in calculation, sometimes fail to crack the logic)
    VA - weak (take too much time in RC)
    LR - moderate (take time in creating matrix)
    sagarron ty very much Neelesh :) :) I will follow that sir ji .... 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @sagarron No problems. Hope you do well in your exams to.... 23 Sep '13.
    how should i improve my verval section score and what questions should i attempt except LR
    pgcat @IMI.NewDelhi @prof bhandarker sir can i improve my va .... 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @pgcat Yes, practice will definitely help you in improvi.... 23 Sep '13.
    how many questions shud i attempt in each section to score sumwhr arnd 93%ile?
    neeru0403 @IMI.NewDelhi how shud i divide time in d 2nd sectioc?. 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @neeru0403 The 2nd section i.e, VA and LR could be done .... 23 Sep '13.
    how many questions shud i attempt in each section to score sumwhr arnd 93%ile?
    IMI.NewDelhi @neeru0403 It is very difficult to predict as of now. It.... 23 Sep '13.
    The cut off for PGDMHRM was 85 percentile.... and am getting around 75 to 80 percentile in mocks by TIME. Is there a real chance to get a call from IMI ? :0
    ASPIRINGfinder thanx :) . 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @ASPIRINGfinder You are most welcome. All the best for t.... 23 Sep '13.
    Not able to score in quant though have solved arun sharma and also books of time. Getting good scores in 2nd section but quant I just hate it..:(...
    ASPIRINGfinder The cut off for PGDMHRM was 85 percentile.... and am gett.... 23 Sep '13.
    IMI.NewDelhi @ASPIRINGfinder Going by the trend over the years, it is.... 23 Sep '13.