ITM PGDM 2012 - Official Counseling Thread CAT & Related BSchools

Two decades of learning & unlearning! ITM brings to you the Radically Different PGDM iConnect Program. Re-calibrated to achieve higher success rates, redesigned to engage more effectively with business environments the ITM PGDM iConnect Program, literally from day-one right up to day-zero, redefi...
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Akash_ITM have taken admission in marketing ITM business school nav.... 11 Apr '13.
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hey i want to inquire about the pgdm in supply chain management..how to apply for the course and plz tell the fees structure for it...And what was the placement scenario for 2012,2013 batch passout..Min and max packages till date
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    I have a query regarding the demand draft thing. A candidate has to carry a demans draft of Rs. 25000/- along with him to his GD & PI session. Hypothetically, he gets selected and offered an admission over there. But what in case if he wants to hold his decision? What if he wants some time to tak...
    Akash_ITM sorry dude college dosen't give much time ..the decision .... 01 May '13.
    hey pugs..any1 else got interview date on 20-april???also..after getting selected they tell you the campus you have been selected to,right??and also is there stress interview, and also can u tell me about other procedures--gd,pi,extempore,essay??and last any 1 know how many interview have been al...
    Does anyone have idea about IFIM Bangalore i.e how is the college in terms placement , faculty, infrastructure as compared to ITM navi mumbai
    Have taken admission in ITM navi mumbai in MARKETING but will not be staying in hostel as it is very costly and not worth it so if anyone is interested in living outside in flat please contact soon ...BATCH 2013-15
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    santhosh_55 @Akash_ITM: Go for ITM dude. 16 Apr '13.
    tapas-itm Hi Akash, I have taken admission in marketing too dis yr..... 23 Apr '13.
    ITM global leadership centre , does it conduct AICTE approved programs ???
    Akash_ITM yes its totally AICTE Approved.. 11 Apr '13.
    itmIB yes. 15 Apr '13.
    isb,iims have earned a national status.. so in such "exceptional cases" bschool ka name hi kaafi hai they don't require "approval"
    @amrita2012 @ITMCounsellor13 @rohit912 @krpawangupta can any body tell me about this...
    Hiii Plz help me with this info. Is it true that ITM accepts 70 percentile in MAT???? If no then i will fill up the form asap!!!
    Akash_ITM yes it wil surely accept ..apply as soon as u can before .... 11 Apr '13.
    thats not MY score.. lol i asked my friends who were already studying there.my senior who is already studying there and is placed now said "if you have scores on lower side ..you will get itm navi mumbai bschool.overall..if you have lower scores and fresher,dont want to drop a year,ITm is ...
    I dont get it why you criticizing itm. Seeing at your cmat score which is 112, you will not get itm business school navi mumbai in any case. Your friend got FM , for the same reason, like any college wants to fill the college seats in its secondary college. FM lags far behind the reputation of...
    I've been offered ITM Global Leadership Center, Navi Mumbai with HRM Specialization .. How good is ITM Navi Mumbai GLC for HRM........ Please Help!
    itm navi mumbai has GLC,FM,bschool.the bschool is in khargar.glc also i think.FM was in vashi earlier,now being shifted to khargar.navi mumbai includes vashi and khargar.others branches of itm are not that good.navi mumbai ones are better.better even if you get RMM in navi mumbai.
    my friend got itm FM.. it has been shifted to khargar campus now(which is good).. earlier it was in vashi.
    @amrita2012 You got ITM B school or financial market?
    @amrita2012 yes u r right, college has many branches. therefore many seats to fill. hey can u rate itm college's all branches among themselves??....itm navi, bangalore, chennai,dombivali
    just make sure that you carry the draft of 25000 with you.all students are selected(mosty all).then after you get "congratualtions you are selected" written on a paper .the paper also asks you to confirm your seat by submitting the DD immediately.when you do it..u get a receipt and the details ...
    no cutoff..my friend got itm navi mumbai with low score..much lower..and that too with just avg GD PI,she is fresher. i am surprised to see why people having more than 80%ile in mat and cat or whatever, asking such questions.the college is nothing "So great that you need to work extra hard to ge...
    got selected for ITM bangalore campus for HRM coursecan anyone please tell me is it worth to join dis campus ????
    jit007 where r u from..?. 11 Apr '13.
    Maaan, official thread aisi hoti hai?? I was looking for some new information on this thread. But ye thread to... This thread should be named instead " ITM ki le lo thread" .